Heart of the Tiger

When Larka and Kar were driven from home and forsed to live next to the animals in the wild, they run into Harry Styles and Niall Horan. They are in great danger and need help. They can offer it to them. They have a big secret and will need to be careful and ignore they're instinct or hell will break out.


1. Prologue

Harry's P.O.V

There was only one word to decribe the Space Neddle "WOW". He could see the bulding from his hotel window. They were in Seatle on Tour.

"Harry" Niall called from the kitchen. He came in with a sandwitch in his mouth."We need more food" he said witch sounded more like "Mwa weed four dood".

"Hey Niall look at this veiw" I said.

"WOW" He said with a mouthfull of food."Let's get some Seatle coffee"



"This is some good coffee Harry" Niall said comenting the coffee.

"Ya" I said noticeing a black figure outside the restaurant."I'll be right back Niall"

I went outside and stupidly followed the figure down a long dark street. The dude turned a corner and I did too. Then the stranger grabed me by the shirt and hit me in the head with something and the room got dark.





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