Heart of the Tiger

When Larka and Kar were driven from home and forsed to live next to the animals in the wild, they run into Harry Styles and Niall Horan. They are in great danger and need help. They can offer it to them. They have a big secret and will need to be careful and ignore they're instinct or hell will break out.


2. Help!

Niall's P.O.V.

Where's Harry. He's been gone for a hour. Ooooooh sandwich, no sandwich I gotta think about Harry, maybe after the sandwich. Wait Harry or sandwich, Harry or sandwich. . . Harry- no sandwiches don't talk about cats all the time. Mmmmmmm good sandwich.Wait what about Harry... he said he'd be back soon but he wasn't. Could be fans but fans don't keep Harry that long they usually keep him for like 5 minutes at the most. Ugh if i have to find him I swear!!!!!! He has to buy me pizza.

I went outside and saw a creepy road. Did Harry go down the road, maybe  So I went and started looking everywhere. When I looked behind a dumpster I felt a hand on my back, then came a sharp pain and the room got dark.


I woke up in a dark gloomy place "Harry?" I said.

"Ya Niall?" i heard some where in the darkness 

"Where are you?" I said.


"Behind you" I heard.

"Ugg my head hurts" I mummbled.

"Mine too" I heard Niall say.

* * *

Sorry for the long wait and short chapter but I've been busy laitly.



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