Truly, madly, deeply

This is a louis, one direction story. <3

'Forget the past. Live the present. Hope for the future.' These are the words Hannah try's to live with. But what happens when her worst enemy louis tomlinson, has to be pared with her for an important assessment. But this is not any normal assessment, this could change there lives forever...


4. What??

Hannah POV:

I think that was the most frustrating hour ever. All Louis did was laugh at me, and make fun of me… I wish it could be how it used to be. Oh well, the past will never come back…

Music lesson is next. And guess who I am with, Louis, again! But I am not going to let that get to me. Music is one of my best lessons, so I am just going to ignore everyone and get on. However, the teacher, Mr Smith hates me. And who is his favourite, Louis, because he just happens to be alright at singing. Well when I say alright, he is amazing. But I can’t say that because I hate him!

“Right, I have a new assessment for everyone. We are having a singing competition! You will have to work in a group of 2, a boy and a girl. But I will be choosing your groups.” Mr Smith explains.
Great, first I can’t sing, and second I am terrified of singing in front of people! He starts to pair everyone up.

“Right Natalie, you can go with err, Will. And Freya you can go with Sam. Chelsea, you can work with Ryan” Mr Smith says.
 As he carries on pairing everyone up I start laughing at the last pair, Chelsea and Ryan! Ryan was my ex, we had gone out for just over a year. We said we loved each other, but we didn’t even know each other. We never talked, or spent much time with each other. I think he just asked me out because we liked each other on how we looked, even though I am not good looking. But then I said he was good looking to him, god knows how I saw that. There were some days he was nice to me, but most he treated me like dirt. I was only there for the use of him saying he had a girlfriend.
Well in the end, his ‘girlfriend’ started to get bloody tired of him. He started calling me sluts because I was quite. Yes I wasn’t exactly the loudest person, but I was nice to everyone, and if he actually bothered to spend time with me, he would have got to know the loud, energetic, happy, real me! I should have broken up with him long before, but I am just too nice, so I stuck up for him, when he called me sluts. Then about a month after, he broke up with me because I was too quiet, and he said I wasn’t good enough for him. But also he dumped me for my friend at the time. However, she had a bad reputation; she had already slept with a boy, when she was 12.
Then he started calling me desperate for no reason, but then the day after our break up he asked out 5 girls, even though they all said no Hahaha, and then pretended he was going out with a girl who was 5 years older than us. Bearing in mind we were only 12 at the time.

Unfortunately, Ryan was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first love. So I was distraught when he broke up with me, I remember crying for hours. But luckily, I had my one best friend in the world. I told him everything, I loved him as a brother, I didn’t know what I did without him! But I then lost him a few years later. He changed. I changed. Time went on…
But that was 4 years ago, and I am now 19. So I try to forget about the past, live the present, and hope for the future.

Oh and don’t get me started on Chelsea. I don’t usually say this about people, but she is an exception. She is fat, and I am sorry to say it but ugly. It’s quite funny actually because she is a spoilt child, who gets whatever she wants, and then thinks she is perfect because she has the best stuff. When I was going out with Ryan, she flirted so bloody much. She liked him. Then for one of his birthdays she just gave him £10?! Not giving away that she fancied him at all! Then as soon as Ryan and I broke up, she is straight onto him. I think at one point she was actually scaring him. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. But now they are going out. But I don’t care because they are perfect for each other. They are both self-centred, ugly, spoilt, stupid, desperate idiots. And I am sorry, but no one likes them.` And I mean no one.
So that pair is hilarious to me!

“And finally Hannah!” Mr Smith shouts at me, and I suddenly wake up from my daydream. “You will be pared with Louis!”


Louis’s POV:

“What!” Hannah screams.
“You heard me” Sir replys.

I start laughing, sir knows the rivalry between Hannah and I! This will be hilarious.
“And Louis, before you start thinking this is amusing, this project means you will have to spend a lot of time with each other. Not only working on the project, but as this is your last year, before leaving to live your own life, we have decided with all the teachers to set a task of relationships. We want to see how each pair’s relationship is, and we would like you to act as if you are in a proper relationship, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend.” He explains.
“What, why? And what has this got to do with music?!” I shout!
“Yes, only the singing competition is to do with music. We have decided to just do one big examination. This task will be your exam for every subject this year. Although you may not think it, but this task will also help you later in life, when you are perhaps married for example.”
“This is stupid” Hannah says; whilst everyone in the room agrees.
“No it is not Hannah. And don’t think any of you can get out of this task, because we will be able to monitor everything.”
“Stalker…” I mutter.

Mr Smith glares at me, and then says “This is for one month, so I give you the best of luck”.
What the hell! This is stupid. But I need good grades from my exams, so ,ooks like I am going to have to try. I start to walk over to Hannah.

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