Truly, madly, deeply

This is a louis, one direction story. <3

'Forget the past. Live the present. Hope for the future.' These are the words Hannah try's to live with. But what happens when her worst enemy louis tomlinson, has to be pared with her for an important assessment. But this is not any normal assessment, this could change there lives forever...


5. Remember

Hannah's POV:
This can't be happening. Not only have I got to just to sing with louis for our exams; but I we have got t act in a relationship for a month!!!! It's bad enough being in a fake relationship with anyone, bit louis... Plus this is for exams, so as the teachers say, the will be watching our every move. But how...

"Hey girlfriend!" Louis says sarcastically!
"Don't call me that!" I reply.
"Why not, we are in a relationship."
"Do you think I want to be. With you as well."
"You know you love me really" he winks at me.

(Flash back):
"Hannah" louis starts to say. We were walking through the park. It was a hot sunny day, so we had got ice creams.
"Yes Lou." I answer.
"Do you like me." 
"Of course I do, you are my best friend Lou!" I lick his ice cream, because I had finish mine.
He raises his eye brow. "Really"
"Yes really. I just did Lou!" I laugh.
He starts to get all sassy, and start to walk off.
"Boo bear come back. I didn't mean it" I ran after him.
He turns around. "But I meant to do this." He puts his ice cream on my face, leaving lots on my nose. He was now smiling.
"Really yourself?"
"Yup" he replays back laughing. He then pushes a loose strand of hair behind my ear, and stares into my eyes. "Your beautiful Hannah."
(End of flash back)

 "After what you did. No louis, I don't..." I say, looking down to the floor.

Louis's POV:
"After what you did. No louis, I don't..." 
That hurt. She really did hate me. I ruined us, I ruined her. I tried t forget what she said, and then reply, "well, you have to love me, because we are going out, remember!" I laugh. 

I put my arm around her shoulder as we start to walk out of the music lesson, but she then flinches away, and gives me a cold look.
"Hannah and louis, remember what I said. A proper relationship, we can see everything you do. Remember this is going towards your exam grades, and I think you should both be wanting good grades. Remember what I said."
I then put my arm back round a shoulder, but she is still very tense. This is going to be an, interesting month...

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