Truly, madly, deeply

This is a louis, one direction story. <3

'Forget the past. Live the present. Hope for the future.' These are the words Hannah try's to live with. But what happens when her worst enemy louis tomlinson, has to be pared with her for an important assessment. But this is not any normal assessment, this could change there lives forever...


11. Plan with Harry

Hannah POV:
Our lips were inches apart, but i still said, "Louis, i cannot do this.". Whilst i grabbed my stuff and ran out the door; holding back tears that were threatening to pour down my face.

Once i got outside, the freezing cold wing hit me, remembering the i left my hoodie at louis... I'll get it tomorrow, i thought to myself and ran into my house quickly.

Louis POV:
Why did i do that. You idiot louis! She must of got scared that i was going to kiss her, well i was but... But why did she just leave that quick? 

Covering my face with my hands from frustration, i lie down back on my bed, realising her hoodie was still there. That gave me another reason to go and see her tomorrow.

Looking at my phone for the time, it was only 7:00pm. So i decided to go round to Harry's. I am so confused on what to do about Hannah, and seen a Harry's my best friend, he is the only one i want to tell about her. I got in my car and drove off to harry's.

When  arrived at harry's i could see harry in the kitchen on his own. Due to he cold wind,  quickly walked up to his door and rung the doorbell. 
Harry the answered it saying, "Lou!", smiling at me.
"Hey Hazza, can i talk to you about something?" I replied.
"Yer course mate." I followed him inside.

"Whats wrong" he asked, whilst siping a glass of water.
"Well I'm not sure i am really confused about something... Well  i don't know whether or not, but i think i might like this girl."
"Who!" asked harry sitting closer, more interested.
"Err, well.." I look down.
I hesitated for a moment. "Well err. Hannah..."
He spat his water put in shock staring at me. 
'What?!" He exclaimed. "But you hate her!"
"I don't know. Well obviously we got paired up for this relationship thing, and i thought it would make it even more awkward. But then we were doing maths at my house, and then before  knew i we were really close. So i decided to go into kiss her. Bu obviously, just before i do, she runs out the house... So that made me think about her. I had never really thought about her in this way. But since what happened between us, we were never close. And that when u started bullying her. I may only be bullying her because i want he back. Do you think thats true Haz?" I look up embarrassed at him.
He laughs at me saying,"well, you are as red as a tomato Lou. So you must have feelings for her. You never get this embarrassed about a girl before."
"I know."
"So you know what we are going to do. To figure out whether you like her or not, we are going to have a house party."
I look a him confused.
"So, you can go and invite her, then do stuff with other girls, like you usually do. And if you feel different, say like you shouldn't be with that girl and be with hannah, it means you like her!" He explained.
I smile, seeing this idea perfectly.

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