Truly, madly, deeply

This is a louis, one direction story. <3

'Forget the past. Live the present. Hope for the future.' These are the words Hannah try's to live with. But what happens when her worst enemy louis tomlinson, has to be pared with her for an important assessment. But this is not any normal assessment, this could change there lives forever...


3. Maths help

Hannah's POV:

Maths is one of my worst subjects. And to make matters worse, this lesson is with louis! Due to my conversation with louis, I was now late. Our maths teacher is very strict as well...

"Where have you been?" Mrs Stroud, my maths teacher, yells at me!
"Ummm," I look over at louis, he s laughing at me, great. I just roll my eyes at him. "Sorry, I couldn't open my locker". That must have been the worse excuse ever!
"We'll don't be late again, you know very well Hannah you have big exams coming up! And I will just start having to punish you!"
"sorry," I reply back, as I walk over silently to one of the seats at the back! 

"louis, I want you to go and help Hannah, as she is... She is slightly behind everyone else." Explains mrs Stroud.
"Seriously!" I groan.

Louis POV:

Miss said I had to help Hannah out. I laughed because Hannah was groaning, and I then walked over to her!
"Awww, look who it is" I say. She just stares back at me coldly.

(Flash back): 
"Lou stop tickling me, you are meant to helping me with my homework" Hannah laughs.
"Only if you say the password" I reply.
"Fine! Louis is the best in the whole wide world" giggles Hannah.
"Why thank you" I say sarcastically.
She rolls her eyes "lets get on, I don't get this one..." 
"Of corse you don't han, not like its the easiest question ever!"
"I know, haha, 1+1=2"
"No it's you and me, best friends forever"
"Why didn't I know that! The bestest of friends, Hannah and Louis!" She grins cheerily.
"Errr no! It the bestest of friends, LOUIS then Hannah!"
"whatever you say boo bear!"
"You know jam always right Han ban" I wink at her.
(End of flash back).

"Louis!!" Hannah screams at me grumpily!
"Sorry I was just thinking about..." I sigh, "it doesn't matter..." Oh we're thinking about her louis, you were thinking about Hannah. Why couldn't you just of told her... 
"Well, you weren't answering me, and you were just staring off too no where. And we might as well get this over and done this" she sighs.
You need to pull yourself together louis!! "We might as well, and I give her a very snobby grin!

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