Truly, madly, deeply

This is a louis, one direction story. <3

'Forget the past. Live the present. Hope for the future.' These are the words Hannah try's to live with. But what happens when her worst enemy louis tomlinson, has to be pared with her for an important assessment. But this is not any normal assessment, this could change there lives forever...


7. Authors note


How did you like the last chapter? I left it on a cliff hanger? Was it a good one?
How will louis act the next day with Hannah? What has changed?
 What do you think about Abbie?
What do you think about Hannah and louis assessment about relationships?
What do you think is going to happen?

Just so you know, if there are any random words, or miss spelt stuff in any of the chapters, it's probably because I did it on my iPad, and it's got auto correct :L

Also, it's Easter holidays at the moment, so I am going to try and write a chapter atheist every 2nights, if not every night! <3

If you have got any ideas, of what could happen, in the next few chapters, comment!!!!!! I would love to use any good ones! :)

I hope you like it! And thank you to everyone who is reading it! Enjoy! <3 :) Xoxox

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