The Hunger Games **Own Version**

Autumn Dominguez is in the Hunger Games in 2022 and she fights for her life for the sake of her mother, sister, and dad. Her mother that died fighting herself in the games and her dad ill with cancer. Will Autumn win or die trying?


20. The Start All Over Again

"Can I just apologize?" Rayd says with a crack in his voice. "For what?" I say with an annoyed tone in my voice trying to sound confident. He glares at me, probably mad I'm making him explain. "You know, how I forgot-I mean didn't know why it was awkward and all and it's still the same but worse and that's not why I came last time. I came to make things better since one of us is going to die and all . . . Not to be rude or anything but you know what I mean!" I gave a slight smile and laughed a bit as he did too as his cheeks got red. "Well I guess you're off the hook . . ." His face lightens up with happiness. Rayd waves goodbye and skips off in the hallway.

Then I snap back to reality, I have to get ready! Today is the Hunger Games and I'm just standing here talking to a guy and Carol?! I sigh and peek out the door to see where everyone is. Right about know I was expecting people rushing me to follow them to get ready. I shut the door and put my back to it. As soon as I started to take a breath out, someone pushed the door open as I completely fell on the floor. "What are you doing on the floor Autumn?! We have to get ready!" Nichole screeched. Just as I expected .. I quickly get up off the floor and followed her and Jay to the same room I went last time. "We're going to do your make-up, well I'm going to do it, and then we'll send you off to Effie to give you your "combat" outfit. Wow  I love saying that!" I smile and nod. When Nichole is finished doing her "masterpiece", I am leaded to Effie and she smiled with delight.

I gave an uneasy smile back and followed her to the dressing rooms. I looked around at how big the place was. It was gorgeous! Effie snapped her fingers in front of my face to get my attention. "Sorry," I mumbled  more nervous than before. Effie chuckles and signals me to follow her again. She gives me a black and read slick one-piece suit to put on. I examine the outfit and walk to the dressing room. This outfit isn't 'too bad'. I slip into the suit and put my hair up in a bun. Looking in the mirror Effie knocks on my door and asks, " Are you done in there?" I turn my head and  answer, "Oh, yeah just give me a second!" I shout so she can hear me. She walks away and I open the door. She's sitting on the couch at the entrance when I walk her way.

"You look great, They'll love you!" I smile shyly and she says to me, "Now we are at the pods where you can say bye to Nichole, Jay, Carol, And some of your friends and family. After you've said goodbye, you'll be put in a pod and be risen up to start the game. Grab a backpack if you want that has a water bottle and the weapon of your choice. Please do your best, now good luck Autumn!"

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