The Hunger Games **Own Version**

Autumn Dominguez is in the Hunger Games in 2022 and she fights for her life for the sake of her mother, sister, and dad. Her mother that died fighting herself in the games and her dad ill with cancer. Will Autumn win or die trying?


7. I Should Of Learned This BEFORE I Was In A Life & Death Situation

 She slightly chuckles and explains, “First you should hide very cleverly. For example, you should hide in a shady tree or ponds so when someone comes by, just go under the water and they won’t see you. The tree you use because people usually don’t look up first when you are in the tree and you can shoot from up high which gives you a better aim.” I slowly examine every single word that comes out of her mouth. I could really practice on these. I try not to think of to many things so I can remember everything she said. She continues, “Another thing you should do is be very clever with the people around you. Try to be friends with the other tributes so when they trust you enough they won’t fight you.” I thought that was a very good step. Also you do have to make a good impression on the capital because they are just using you for their own entertainment to watch you suffer through this. Even though I respect the capital, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t respect me or any of the other tributes. She starts to tell me more good advice so I am prepared. I’m defiantly scared but I mean who isn’t?

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