The Hunger Games **Own Version**

Autumn Dominguez is in the Hunger Games in 2022 and she fights for her life for the sake of her mother, sister, and dad. Her mother that died fighting herself in the games and her dad ill with cancer. Will Autumn win or die trying?


3. Being First Isn't Always Best Place

Amara was hidden in the background when I was talking to Jarred and Isaiah. I went back, grabbed her hand, and directed her where I, Jarred, and Isaiah were. I introduced Amara to Isaiah and Jarred. They all seemed to get along and that made me happy. I and Amara got out of the woods and once we reached my house, she walked her way and I walked mine. Today is the day of the picking. This means that Effie, the lady that picks names, will pick a few names and whoever they are; they will be in the national Hunger Games. There are 2 glass balls, one for the girls and the other for the boys. She will pick both girls and boys. If someone is picked another person can take their place and volunteer as tribute. This has never happened before but it’s very possible. I am prepared for the games with whatever happens.

Effie started to speak into the microphone and said, “hello everyone! I am proud to be the announcer here and pick the lovely people who will be in our national Hunger Games today. Now let’s be mature and pick the ladies first!” Effie slowly put her hand with a silky white glove on and picked the first girl. She opened up the piece of paper and carefully announced, “Gabriella Dominguez!” 

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