The Hunger Games **Own Version**

Autumn Dominguez is in the Hunger Games in 2022 and she fights for her life for the sake of her mother, sister, and dad. Her mother that died fighting herself in the games and her dad ill with cancer. Will Autumn win or die trying?


14. Always With Me

I pulled the covers off of me quick then widened my eyes and sat straight up in bed. I couldn’t stop thinking that tomorrow is time to compete in the Hunger Games. I was excitedly terrified. I’ll see Amara again tomorrow and we shall say our goodbyes. It will be a very, very emotional day for me. Every day I fear that one day I would have to say goodbye to her and now I will have to face all of my fears tomorrow. I can imagine how the other tributes might feel because I and everyone else in this should feel as scared as us all. I honestly don’t want any part in this but I’m super happy that Gabby isn’t in this because if she was I would die, just die. I hate goodbyes because the thing or person you say goodbye to might or will never come back. This time when I say goodbye, she will never be back. I don’t even want to think about this right now because then I will start to cry. Maybe I can think happy thoughts about her. Like the time we played jokes on people and we thought they were hilarious but they really weren’t. Or when we made our teacher like us so much when we clearly deserved a D we got a B. We always have so much fun together. I love her like a sister. She is the person I will never forget and she will always be with me no matter what. I went to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower. I still can’t remember the right button to do this. Surprisingly, it was just in the middle. I closed my eyes and warm water sprinkled on my face. I got out of the shower, got dressed, then when out. I went to see Carol because she usually always makes me feel better when I’m not in the best mood. There was a special room that was only for people like designers and Carol. So I knocked on her door and she opened it. I said, “Hi, Carol. I just wanted to sit and maybe have some tea with you if that is all right.” She smirked and said, “Sure! Come on in. You look pretty famished. Let me get you something to eat and yes I will bring some tea.” I was relieved that she said okay because I thought she was going to say I couldn’t come here or something. I sat down and messed with my finger nails until she brought the food and tea. I noticed how lovely this room is. It had a beautiful soft and fluffy carpet and wood floors. The drawer’s knobs were crystal and the ceiling was a light blue. I wish my room looked as fancy as this. She came in with some juicy fried chicken and two cups of tea. She asked me, “So what did you want to talk about? I can tell something is on your mind.” I was just staring into the swirls of milk in my tea and looked at her and said, “I was just thinking about tomorrow and Amara-” then she cuts me off and says, “Oh, this is about Amara. You have to stop worrying about her so much. She will be f-” then I cut her off and say, “Why do you care anyways?! And why do you keep saying that?! It’s not like this is your problem! I know I came here to talk to you about it but I can’t stop worrying about her!” I stopped myself and covered my mouth. I didn’t mean to say that to her face. Then she answered, “I keep saying that because I lost my best friend in the Hunger Games too.” I felt sorry and said, “I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to say that. Honest. But, who was it?” she looked down and said, “I rather not tell you.” I got slightly irritated and said to her, “Please?” she rolled her eyes and answered, and “Her name was Linda. She was a wonderful person. She had chocolate brown hair and long nails. I was jealous of her beautiful blue eyes. Her and her daughter’s eyes were as blue as the sea on a clear day she told me even though I never saw her daughter.” I widened my eyes and they got teary. That was my mother. I slightly smiled as one tear dropped down from my face. I sniffled and wiped my nose. I said in a shaky voice, “That was my mother.” She stared at me for a moment and then started to cry. She mumbled, “She was so beautifully amazing like you. You should be so grateful to have a mother like her.” I whispered back, “I defiantly am.” We both smiled and hugged each other. After awhile I left and went back to my room. I couldn’t stop thinking about the talk me and Carol had today. It made me feel so much better. I didn’t know my mom was friends with Carol. What a coincidence. Tonight I slept peacefully with my family in my dreams. 

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