The Hunger Games **Own Version**

Autumn Dominguez is in the Hunger Games in 2022 and she fights for her life for the sake of her mother, sister, and dad. Her mother that died fighting herself in the games and her dad ill with cancer. Will Autumn win or die trying?


15. All Dramatic Over A Practice

When I woke up I smiled. I stretched out my arms, legs, then my back. I took a shower and remembered to press the middle button for warm water. Then when I got out of the shower I splashed some water on my face. Someone was knocking on my door so I looked through the looking hole and it was Carol. I opened the door and smiled. She said, “Why are you so happy? Today we are going into the arena remember?” I widened my eyes and said, “Oh! That’s today? I totally forgot about that.” I shook my head and she said, “How could you forget such a thing? Okay enough talking, we have to go now.” I nodded my head and followed her. I can’t believe I forgot this. We went outside and stepped down on the stone stairs. We walked pass the ceremonies and ran in the woods. Then I started to see people just standing there, like they were waiting for something. Then Effie was there and I stood in the circle like everyone else and looked at Amara. She didn’t look very good. I don’t think she got enough sleep last night. I remembered our plan though. I’ll ask her when the game starts. I had no idea how this was going to work yet. Then, Effie said, “Okay, to start off we shall put you in the suits we have in your honor.” Then she pulled out one of the suits. Then she announced, “The Hunger Games isn’t today, although this is just a practice round and tomorrow is the day. I’m terribly sorry if we had any confusion but we have to bring sponsors. Thank you.” I was very angry. I waited for a stupid old practice round? They should have told us that from the start because now we got all dramatic over a practice. This is ridiculous. I just shook it off my shoulder and went on. We went into our own dressing rooms and changed. While I was changing I was thinking about when I volunteered as tribute for Gabby. Everyone was so surprised. But I can understand because it’s not very good or cool to be in the games. I just forgot about it and went out in the suit. I went back outside and we all gathered in a big circle. Then Effie was standing in the middle with orange back packs all around her. She announced, “Okay everybody! Are we all ready? I hope so because these are the rules you have to go by in the practice round.” I took a deep breath and waited for the rules. She counted all the tributes one by one and then raised her voice, “Okay, first rule! You are not allowed to harm any of the tributes in the practice and you will have weapons but we will disable them from being harmful to you. Second rule, you will have vests on so if you get stabbed, shot at, or what you got hurt with or even if you should have been killed, it will turn red when you die. Third rule, to start the game off when I say go, you run to these back packs and fight if you choose. Inside the back packs are supplies you may need and the weapons on the floor are the ones that you will carry around to use. These are very simple rules to follow so try your best and go!”  

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