The Tomb Maze

This is a random thing me and my friend Mist the Elf came up with a long time ago. I may do more like these in the future.
It's a maze through an ancient tomb that you are going through. You are searching for the stairs to the level above, which is chock-full of treasure. There are many traps along the way.
If you have made it through the maze, died somewhere along it, did damage to it in any way, or other similar actions that might have left some imprint on the fictional place that you'd like to have there (i.e., blood on the ground, a mark on the wall, missing treasure, a dead monster), please leave a comment below. Good luck making it through :)


34. Page 33

You devour the roast turkey. It tastes absolutely perfect, just as it looks it should be, and you can't stop indulging yourself after all the stressful indecision of the maze and its dangers. For a single, glorious moment, all is right with the world. But then you feel the stabbing pain in your body. You keel over, sure that the turkey was poisoned and every breath might be your last. Why did you eat it? It's always the poisoned food, isn't it? But then the pain ends suddenly. You stand up and pick up the lantern, feeling unusually strong. You punch one fist at the door and it collapses into rubble. Beyond it is a staircase.

You hurry up into the room above and find it packed with treasure, from roof to floor. Gold and silver gleam everywhere alongside glittering gemstones and ornate swords. There are jewel-inlaid gold goblets and plates scattered amidst mysterious, ancient gold and silver coins with gems set in the center. There are bright necklaces, rings and bracelets, there are every kind of riches imaginable in here. More than enough to live out the rest of your days in peaceful comfort. You stock up and head down the stairs again, happiness blossoming in you like a warm bubble. It vanishes as quickly as it appeared as a dreadful realization strikes you. How are you supposed to find your way back to the entrance?



The End!


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