The Tomb Maze

This is a random thing me and my friend Mist the Elf came up with a long time ago. I may do more like these in the future.
It's a maze through an ancient tomb that you are going through. You are searching for the stairs to the level above, which is chock-full of treasure. There are many traps along the way.
If you have made it through the maze, died somewhere along it, did damage to it in any way, or other similar actions that might have left some imprint on the fictional place that you'd like to have there (i.e., blood on the ground, a mark on the wall, missing treasure, a dead monster), please leave a comment below. Good luck making it through :)


33. Page 32

You open the door, step through, and find yourself in an enormous Roman/Greek style fighting arena. The crowd roars as you enter through a door now closed by a portcullis. The announcer talks as you stand in the arena, blinking at the bright sun.

"Now, fight fans, we have our first gladiator, won no fights, wandered the maze for a while, lived in the mortal world, armed with a dagger- wait for it- Jigglyfish the Odd!"

You try to yell at the dumb announcer that your name is most definitely not Jigglyfish the Odd, but your voice is lost in the roar of the crowd. He prepares to announce the next gladiator. 

"And our next contestant, fans, has won five hundred and thirty-eight fights, never been defeated, growing ever stronger,- wait for it- the mythical Hydra!"

As a huge, hideous dragon monster with seven dragon heads steps into the arena through the identical door across from yours, the only thought your mind gives you is, how the heck am I supposed to defeat a huge hydra monster?!

The Hydra stamps and growls in anticipation. The announcer announces that we can fight.


1. Charge the Hydra and try to cut off a head with your dagger.  If you chose this option, go to page 38

2. Go back out the door you came from.  If you chose this option, go to page 27

3. Try to go out the path the crowd came in by. If you chose this option, go to page 40

4. Stand there and do nothing.  If you chose this option, go to page 41


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