The Tomb Maze

This is a random thing me and my friend Mist the Elf came up with a long time ago. I may do more like these in the future.
It's a maze through an ancient tomb that you are going through. You are searching for the stairs to the level above, which is chock-full of treasure. There are many traps along the way.
If you have made it through the maze, died somewhere along it, did damage to it in any way, or other similar actions that might have left some imprint on the fictional place that you'd like to have there (i.e., blood on the ground, a mark on the wall, missing treasure, a dead monster), please leave a comment below. Good luck making it through :)


11. Page 10

You run, crouching as you go, down the passage. The spikes are getting closer, but you are dropping closer to the floor as you wriggle towards the door. Panic rises in your throat like bile as you realize the falling points aren't slowing down. You appreciate, for the first time, how very pointy the ends are. But as you're sure that your fate is sealed, the spikes stop a few inches above your body. The door is just a wriggle-length away from you.


1. Open the door and step through it. If you chose this option, go to page 13

2. Wriggle back to the second right fork. If you chose this option, go to page 7

3. Wriggle back to the first left fork. If you chose this option, go to page 2

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