Love or Lust

Harry comes home for two weeks with the boys. Madison and her best friend Brittney go on tour with them for the summer. Madison likes Louis, everyone knows but him. How will things turn out this summer...?


2. Chapter 2

Madison's P.O.V
"Harry, mom and I were supposed to pick you up from the airport."
"I got home early! I went home saw mom and told her I would pick you up. Come on the lads are at home waiting to see you."
"I'm so glad you're finally here!"
"Me too. Tour starts in two weeks. We're going to London first, then we're going to America."
"I'm so excited, Harry!"
        We got in the car. When we got home I ran out of the car, up the steps to my house, and opened the door. "Madi is that you?" I heard an Irish accent ask. I walked into the living room, " Ni, I missed you so much!" I ran and gave him a big hug. Next I gave Liam a hug. "Hey Li, I missed you!" He smiled and said, "I missed you too." "Zayn!" "Madi! I missed you." "I missed you too, Zayn." I looked over Zayn's shoulder and saw Louis. My stomach had butterflies, my palms started to sweat, and it felt really hot all of a sudden in the room. I looked away then heard "Hey Maddz. I've missed you so much," Louis said! He called me Maddz. It's his nicknames for me. Only he can call me Maddz. Just like how I'm the only one allowed to call him Superman! "I've missed you too Supernam!" I let go of Zayn and I ran to him. He picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He put his arms under my butt for support. He spun us around and I started to giggle, "I'm so glad you're back Lou!" "Me too." Louis said.

Louis' P.O.V
        We heard the door open. Niall said  "Madi is that you?" Then she came into the room. She ran and gave Niall a hug, then Liam, and then Zayn. When she hugged Zayn I saw her looking at me. I was looking into her eyes. Her eyes are a gorgeous blue. She stopped looking at me. "Hey Maddz, I've missed you so much." I finally said. I called her Maddz. That's my nickname for her. Only I get to call her that. She is the only one that I let call me Superman. "I've missed you too Superman!" she said. She let go of Zayn and ran to me. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I put my hands under her butt for support. I spun us around and she started to giggle. Oh, how I love her giggle.
"I'm so glad you're back Lou!" 
"Me too!" No one know that I have small little feelings for Madison. Not even Harry, but that's her brother and my best mate. It's not okay to date your best friend's sister. Harry told us that no one could date her when we meet her for the first time, but from the moment I saw her I knew I needed her. 

Madison's P.O.V 
        Louis put me down and Harry walked in the house. We've been catching up for hours. I looked at the time it was 8 O'clock. We have been catching up for hours. " Do you guys want to watch a movie" I asked? "Yes!" They all shouted. "Harry pick out the movie. I'm going to change into my pajamas and make popcorn." 
"Okay," he said. I went up to my room and changed into black shorts and a tank top that said 'I <3 Louis Tomlinson' I walked down stairs and into the kitchen to make popcorn. I opened the cupboard to get it out. I was stretching to get the popcorn, then I noticed two arms from behind me reaching up to grab the popcorn. I turned around and found out that it was Louis who got it down for me. "Thanks Lou."
"No problem love. Oh and I love your shirt by the way," he winked at me then left. I looked down at my shirt. I forgot I put on the 'I <3 Louis Tomlinson' shirt. I was blushing madly! I made the popcorn, grabbed drinks and went back to the movie room. "What movie are we watching?" I asked. "Insidious" Harry said. " I'm just gonna go to bed. I don't like scary movies." "Maddz come here I'll protect you because I'm SUPERMAN!"Louis said. I went and sat by Louis on the love couch. He pulled me close to him and wrapped a blanket around us. He wrapped his arms around my waist. He whispered in my ear. " Don't worry I'll always protect you!"

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