Still The One

"That was six months ago Carter," he said.
"I don't care Zayn! A lot has happened in six months. You broke my heart and I built a wall around it again. I thought you loved me. I thought we had something special, but I guess I was wrong, huh?"


14. Chapter 14

Carter's P.O.V

I was at the train station and decided to call Liam and ask him to pick me up. There were three rings and he finally picked up.

"Hey Carter what's up," he asked?

"I'm at the train station. Can you come get me." I said?

"What happened," he asked?

" I don't want to talk about it over the phone. I'll tell you when you pick me up." I said to him.

"Okay, I'll be there is 20 minutes." he said. I was sitting on a bench waiting for Liam. Sophia was in here carrier sleeping. I can't believe Zayn said all that. I thought he loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I was pulled out of my thought because I saw Liam approaching me. I got up from the bend and ran into his arms. I cried into his chest. He hugged me back. He let go of me and got Sophia and put we in the car. I followed him and got in. I had stopped crying by now. Liam started to drive, we were in front of the house then asked me the question I was dreading to answer.

"Where's Zayn," he asked?

"Still in Bradford. I told him to stay."

"Why," Liam asked?

"We broke up...." I said.

"Carter what happened? Everything was going good between you two." he said

"We got into a fight. Zayn wanted to have a family day with Sophia and I, but I said that she should spend more time with his mom because we were only staying for two weeks. He was getting mad and I told tha I should have come and everything. Then he said that we shouldn't of had sex in the first place. I thought he was talking about last night, but he said not last night. When he said that he was talking about when I got pregnant about Sophia. I just... I couldn' believe he said that. After everything that's happened how can he say that to me. I thought he loved me..." I said, but Liam inturrupted me.

"Carter he does love you, but he was mad. You just have to give him time to relax." he said. How could my own brother take his side.

"How can you take his side. I'm your sister." I yelled. Sophia started I cry. I got out of the car and got her out to. I went up to my room and satin my bed. I held Sophia and cried.

2 hours later:

I was still holding Sophia so I went to her room and put her in her crib. I was still cry. I stood by her crib. I hear someone come in. I didn't looked back because I thought it was Liam.

"Carter please talk to me," that oh so familiar voice said to me. Zayn, how could he come back? I didn't say anything i just stood there. He came closer.

"Carter," he said again. This time I blew up at him.

"I told you to stay there and not come back!! I said I could look or talk to you!!" I yelled at him.

"Carter we were fighting about something stupid," he said.

"So you're calling our daughter stupid," I asked him?

"That'a not what I meant," he said

"That's what you implied. You also said that you wish we never has sex and if we never had sex Sophia wouldn't be here. I don't regret having her. I just regret having her with you!" I yelled at him. From all the yelling Sophia started to cry.

"You started all this you make her stop crying," I said to him. He picked her up. Rocking her back and forth. He was si good with her, but made so many mistakes.

"No, Carter you're wrong I don't regret having Sophia. I regret not being there from the beginning. I regret for cheating on you. I regret every mistake I've made with you and her, but you said were done and you don't want to see or hear from me. Carter I'm sorry for all the mistake I've made. I'm sorry I'm not the person you thought I was. I know we're not together, but I'm still going to be in Sophia's life. I want to be there for her even if you don't want me too. I lost the most important girl in the world to me and I don't want to lose my daughter anymore than I already have," he said.

"Why is it that every time things are going good for us we mess it up?" I asked him.

"We make stupid decisions. I'm sorry i love you Carter, can you forgive me? he asked?

"I'm sorry I can't Zayn. The things you said back in Bradford hurt badly and you broke me. Even though you said all those things to me now I still can't forgive you." I Said.

"Fine," he said and walked out the door. I just lost the person I cared about most. My head says no,but my heart says yes. I think I'm just afraid that he'll break me again and I don't think I could go through that again, but I love Zayn. And maybe he's right. We do make stupid decisions, but is being with him the right decision? I have to decide fast or I'm going to lose the father of my daughter and the person I care about most.


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