Still The One

"That was six months ago Carter," he said.
"I don't care Zayn! A lot has happened in six months. You broke my heart and I built a wall around it again. I thought you loved me. I thought we had something special, but I guess I was wrong, huh?"


13. Chapter 13

I woke up and Zayn had his arms wrapped around my waist. My head was on his chest. I looked around the floor and our clothes are everywhere. He started to stir. When I looked up at him his eyes were open. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back. He kissed my forehead. I looked back down and thought about last night. A smile came across my face.

"What are you smiling for," Zayn asked?

"You're just amaZAYN," I said giggling.

"Don't ever say that again," he said. I moved so I was straddeling him.

"Why? I think it's cute," I said to him. He put his hands on my waist. He moved his head closer to mine. We were about to kiss and Sophia started to cry. I got off of Zayn, and got off of the bed and was about to put my clothes on to go check on Sophia.

"I'll do it," Zayn said.

"Ok," I said. He got up and put on boxers and pants. He gave me a kiss and walked out of the room to go check on Sophia. I layed in bed thinking about Zayn. This boy was surely going to kill me!

Zayn's P.O.V

I walked out of the room and checked on Sophia. When I got into the room. She was looking my way and making gurgling noises.

"Hi, sweetheart," I said to her. That's made her laugh and start moving around a lot. I Ickes her up and kissed her forehead. I changed her and got her dressed. I brought her into my room and, Carter was laying on the bed looking at us. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

I sat on the bed with Sophia. When Carter sat up I gave her Sophia. I brought Carter into my lap. She was rocking Sophia back and forth. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.

Carter's P.O.V

Zayn still had his arms wrapped around me and I was still holding Sophia.

"Lets have a family day. Just you, Sophia, and I." he said.

"Zayn, maybe we should stay here and spend time with your mom. We are only staying for two weeks. Don't you want to spend time with her? Don't you want Sophia to know her grandma?" I asked him.

"What you don't want to spend time with me," he said getting defensive.

"Zayn you know that's not it," I said.

"Then what is it," he asked angrily?

"Why are you getting mad? All I'm saying is I want Sophia to spend as much time as she can with your mom." I said.

"But she can't spend time with her dad and mom together?"

"Zayn... Stop why are you being like this? She spends all her time with us. Maybe it was a mistake to come here. Maybe we shouldn't have gotten back together so soon..." I said! But he cut me off.

"Maybe we shouldn't of have sex." he said.

"Last night doesn't have anything to do about this," I said.

"I don't mean last night." he said and right then and there I knew he was talking about the night we had sex for the first time and I got pregnant with Sophia. I looked at him disgustingly.

"Did you really just say that," I asked him? He didn't say anything.

"How could you say that about you're own daughter? If you didn't want her in your life then why did you ask me to bring her to meet your mom? Why did you say you loved us both? Why did you even ask me here?" I asked him. He just stayed silent.

"Carter..." he finally said.

"Don't Zayn. You've just lost two girls that love you. I don't want to talk to you. I'm going to go back home to London with Sophia you stay here with your mom. I'm sorry, but we're done..." I walked up stairs to pack. I got Sophia ready and took a train back to London. The sad part was Zayn didn't try to fight for me to stay and that's when I knew he didn't love Sophia or I. Zayn Malik has broken my heart once again, but this time it broke even more.
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