Still The One

"That was six months ago Carter," he said.
"I don't care Zayn! A lot has happened in six months. You broke my heart and I built a wall around it again. I thought you loved me. I thought we had something special, but I guess I was wrong, huh?"


1. Chapter 1

 Six months ago was the last time I spoke to my brother Liam. Yes, the Laim Payne from One Direction is my brother. Six months ago was the last time I saw the boys. Six months ago was also the last time I saw my ex Zayn Malik. Yes, Zayn and I dated. We dated for five months. Two months into our realtionship I found out I was one month pregnant, but I never told Zayn, or any of the boys. Only my parents know. We ended our realationship in August. I was four months pregnant. What ened our realtionship you ask? Well... he kissed her. He kissed Perrie. He told me he loved me. I did the stupidest thing possible. I believed him. I fell for him fast. When I saw him kiss her, my heart broke. No, my heart didn't break into a million pieces it shattered into a million pieces. Very very slowly my heart is healing. To make things even better, note my sacasm! My parents told Liam that I'm going to living with him and the lads. My parents want me to tell the boys most importantly Liam and Zayn that I have a baby. Liam will find out at the airport when I show up with Sophia. I don't think I want Zayn to ever find out. I'm moving from Wolverhampton to London...YAY!... NOT!

            Right now I'm packing because in the morning at 10 am Sophia and I are flying to London. Liam is going to pick me up, well... us up at the airport. I fianlly finished packing all of our belongings.    I looked at the clock and it's already midnight. A few more hours until I see my brother again, and a few more hours until I see the boy who still has my heart and the guy I have a baby with. Even though I should and want to hate Zayn I can't, because I still love him. Liam knows I still love him. Wen I see Zayn tomorrow I'm going to be heart broken. 

                I still talk to all of the boys except Zayn of course. When I left, Zayn only tried to contact me twice. All of the other boys told me he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend is Perrie the girl he kissed when we were dating. My heart roke when I found that out. I'm not mad he has a girlfriend (okay, maybe a little) I'm just mad his girlfriend is Perrie, the girl he cheated on me with. It's twelve thirty I'm going to go to bed. I have to get up at 9to go the the airport. 

9 am the next morning

                    I woke up to my cell phone buzzing indicating I had that I had a new text message. I looked at my phone and saw it was a meassage from Liam it said: "Can't wait to see you in a few hours. Xx 

I meassaged him back saying: Can't wait to see you either!. Xx 

I got in the shower. After  I was done I got dressed and into Sophia's room changed her and brought her downstairs. "Good morning Carter," mom and dad said to me. 

"Morning." I said back. My mom took Sophia from me so I could eat. She feed her, and cleaned her up. I sure was going to miss this. We ate breakfast in scilence. After I finished eating I went up to my room got all of mine and Sophia's suitcases and brought them down to the car. By the time I was done with that we were already to go. I took Sophia from my mom, walked to the car, and put her in her car seat. "You're going to meet your uncle Liam soon" I cooed to her. I got into the back seat with her and my parents came out and got into the car. The ride to the sirport was scilent. Many thoughts were running through my head. How will Liam take the news to finding out he's an uncle? How will the boys react? Will I tell Zayn? Most importantly how will Zayn react when he finds out about Sophia?

            We pulled up to the sirport. I got out of the car and then took Sophia out. My parents got out and took our bags out. We walked into the airport, and we waited until our flight was called. Five minutes later a women on the intercom announced that we had to get on the plane. " By mom and dad" I whispered so my tears wouldn't fall. "Bye," they both said. They kissed my forehead and then they kissed Sophia's. Sophia and I had out luggage checked in and boarded the plane. Our flight is two and a half hours. Might as well sleep. I strapped Sophia in. She was already asleep. I sat down, buckled up, closed my eyes, and let the darkness comsume me. 

  In London airport:

               I got off the airplane with Sophia still sleeping in her carrier. I'm very nervous... What will Liam think? I look around the airport for Liam. I was looking for a good 6 minutes and them I spotted him. He looked like he was looking around for me. He spotted me.. this is it he is finally going to meet his niece. "Carter, I've missed you so much!!!"

                "I've missed you too Li!" I said. He looked down... "Carter who is that," he asked? 

               "Liam, don't get mad, please? This is your niece Sophia." He was silent. He just stared at me. Finally he asked the question I was waiting fot him to ask. "Who's is it?"

                  "I-I-It's Zayn's." He just stared at me in shock. He stopped staring at me took my bags and started walking out of the airport. I followed him. He put my luggage in the car and I put Sophia in, then he took me in his arms and hugged me. " Why didn't you tell me? I could have been there to help you and so could have the rest of the boys."

                   " I didn't want you to worry. Zayn and I were over and you guys were getting ready for tour," I said.

                       " We still could have helped you. Remember Cater I'm always going to be here for you no matter what. I'm always going to be your big brother." I gave him a big hug. We got in the car, "Come on let's go to your new home, then we can go and buy Sophia the things she needs." Liam looked at Sophia he smiled, then kissed her forehead. I guess everything will be alright after all. Well lets just see how everyone else takes it. Most importantly how will Zayn take it? 


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