Same Mistakes

Maddie is just that girl you always see, but never talk to. She's a nobody. Nobody knows what she does at night. Nobody knows she's in an abusive relationship. No one knows One Direction is the only thing keeping her alive. She's been called "weird" for being a directioner. She thinks tonight's going to be the night, but will meeting her idol change her mind? Will he find out he's one of the only five people keeping her alive?


11. Why Me?

I unpacked my bags uncertainly glancing at Niall every now and then to see if he would start laughing and tell me he was just kidding but he wasn't, he was just staring at me. I've told him I don't like to be stared at so I asked him again if he would stop staring. "I'm sorry, I just want to make sure you don't leave" he said to me. My response being "Why? Why do you want me to stay? Out of everyone else that would kill to be me right now. Why me? There's so many other girls that are so much better than me and yet you want me to stay, why?" He looked like he was thinking for a bit then got up from the bed he was sitting on so he was right next to me "because you are unlike any girl I've ever met. You don't treat me like the other girls do. You actually like me and the boys for us, not just because we're in One Direction, I love that. You also are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. There's something about you like I can't pinpoint but all I know is that I think I'm falling for you" I stood there shocked. Did he really just say that?
Oh my god. Did I just tell her that? Why the hell am I so stupid? I've only known her for 4 days, I barely even know her. But at least what I said was true. I've fallen for something about her, everything about her. When I look at her I see a girl who acts strong on the outside, but when you look in her eyes, she's broken. She told me about her ex but I know there's something else and I wish I knew so I could help her. I've never felt this way about anyone else before and I don't know what to tell her to make her believe me. I made that my number one priority to show her how much she means to me. I figured the first step was to ask her on a date. I didn't want to take her anywhere too fancy so I thought I would just ask her to starbucks and get to know her a little better. "Hey um Maddie can I ask you something?" I asked her. "Sure" well I slept in the same bed as her so I guess I could just ask her out. "Would you..maybe like to..I don't know..go to starbucks with me tomorrow morning?" I saw her face light up as she smiled and said "that'd be great" her smile instantly put a smile on mine. I couldn't wait to take her out tomorrow and get to know her better.

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