Same Mistakes

Maddie is just that girl you always see, but never talk to. She's a nobody. Nobody knows what she does at night. Nobody knows she's in an abusive relationship. No one knows One Direction is the only thing keeping her alive. She's been called "weird" for being a directioner. She thinks tonight's going to be the night, but will meeting her idol change her mind? Will he find out he's one of the only five people keeping her alive?


6. Meeting the Other Boys

      I was really nervous to meet the other boys, but with Niall by my side smiling the whole way there I was reassured. He opened the door and led me in first. I saw the other 4 turn and face me smirking at Niall. I heard Louis say "Well Niall what do you have here?" smirking. Niall blushed then told them I'd be staying with them since I had no where to go. I told Niall I was going to take a shower, but before I asked where I was going to sleep and where I'd be able to put my belongings. "Well, um, everywhere else is already taken so you can stay in my bed..?" My God this just kept getting better. I didn't let him see how much this pleased me. I simply nodded then took my bag to the bathroom. I placed my soap, shampoo, deodorant, make up, and all my other bathroom essentials in their place. I got in the shower unaware I left the door open a crack. I always sing in the shower, but I'm always sure no one listened. tonight I felt in the mood to sing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I always took really long showers and I got out about an hour later. I put on my sisters shirt which fell down to my mid thigh, she always liked her t shirts big. I put my hair in a towel then took my contacts out and looked at myself in the mirror. I turned sideways and sucked in my stomach "if only it was like this normally" I thought. I took my glasses off then wondered "why can't I have perfect vision without them". This was an every night thing. I always hit all the check points 'why can't my nose be smaller, why can't I be skinnier, why can't I have that model like face that catches every guys eye?' I ask myself these questions a loud unaware of anyone standing outside the door listening. I opened the door then climbed in the bed and faced away from Niall. I always hated being seen without make up on, let alone being seen by Niall Horan with no make up on and with my hair a mess. Apparently I turned over in my sleep, considering I woke up to Niall's deep blue eyes studying my face. I jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. I brushed my hair, put my contacts in, put my make up on, and French braided my hair into a messy bun. I got dressed in my yoga shorts and a t-shirt I bought from some frozen yogurt place. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked mm.. decent, since I had my make up on and my hair fixed.  I walked out of the bathroom to see Niall sitting on the bed studying me.

              A/N this isn't done guys, but is this good?

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