Same Mistakes

Maddie is just that girl you always see, but never talk to. She's a nobody. Nobody knows what she does at night. Nobody knows she's in an abusive relationship. No one knows One Direction is the only thing keeping her alive. She's been called "weird" for being a directioner. She thinks tonight's going to be the night, but will meeting her idol change her mind? Will he find out he's one of the only five people keeping her alive?


10. I want you to stay

Maddies POV
  I woke up without Niall laying next me, which I had come accustom to the past couple mornings. I started to get up and look for him, until I remembered the events of the night before. He wanted nothing to do with me, I knew it was too good to be true. I knew everyone was right when they told me he'd never like me. He just felt sorry for me. I got out of bed and took a shower before returning to the bedroom with my wet hair in a ponytail and my make up light. I started to pack my bags when Niall knocked on the door asking if he could come in. I still had on my bath robe at the moment so I quickly put on some jeans and a t shirt before I went to the door. "What do you want?" That's the only thing I could think to ask him, I wanted to keep it short. I didn't want to have to bother him. He peered around the edge of the door and said "Why are packing? I thought you said you were gonna stay" I saw the blue in his eyes grow darker with confusion and a hint of desperation. "I um, I-I know you don't want me here. It's fine, you don't want me here, I understand, like I said, I can be out of here in 20 minutes. Just give me a couple more minutes, I'm almost done". I started to turn away and shut the door, but I was stopped by him pushing it open and going to my bag to unpack it. "What are you doing?" I was honestly dumbfounded. What was he doing. "I want you to stay, I told you I wanted you to stay, why don't you believe me?"  

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