Same Mistakes

Maddie is just that girl you always see, but never talk to. She's a nobody. Nobody knows what she does at night. Nobody knows she's in an abusive relationship. No one knows One Direction is the only thing keeping her alive. She's been called "weird" for being a directioner. She thinks tonight's going to be the night, but will meeting her idol change her mind? Will he find out he's one of the only five people keeping her alive?


2. First Period Hisotry

    Once I got to school and ignored the popular girls spread rumors about me I walked to History. In this class I sat by the boy I hated the most. His name is Chance. He's the one that has always started rumors about  me, last year he told everyone that I asked everyone on the football to have sex with me. Ha, it sounds toootally like me. *sarcasm*. As the bell rang to indicate the class starting he took his seat next to me and asked me, just like he did everyday, "Bro, why are you so obsessed with gay guys?" I thought to myself God, he'll never know why. If he only knew what my plans were for tonight.. tonight's the night I'm running away. I'm running the farthest I can. I was so excited because One Direction will be in Florida tomorrow and I have been saving my money since eighth grade graduation. I now had a little over 500 dollars saved up. I hope that I can get a good hotel room next to he arena they were performing at in he hopes of meeting them.

    *after school* I managed to survive the rest of the school day and now I'm home alone. I'm packing all my clothes I could. My mom and dad made good money so I had the expensive clothes, but I never flaunted them around. I hate when people do that. I got my suitcase out and the first thing I put in there was my favorite One Direction shirt. I then put all my t-shirts, all my sweatshirts, all my other 1D shirts, and my jeans, and of course my sweatpants and yoga pants. I then put my iPhone charger in along with my glasses, yes I wear contacts, and my makeup and straightener followed by my favorite sleeping t-shirt. It was my sisters, but she moved to California and never talked to me again and we were really close so it really hurt. After I also packed all my shoes and my money I received my usual text from Dalton saying where we're going tonight. I had to go even if I didn't want to, because I knew what he would do to me if I didn't. But, tonight, I was feeling rebellious. I thought to myself that since I'm already running away I wouldn't meet him tonight. I smiled at my phone whilst thinking to myself that I'm no longer under his control. With that thought I then looked over my belongings staring back at me from my bag, making sure I had everything. Once I realized I did have everything, I walked out my front door and on my way to freedom. While walking down the sidewalk that led to my freedom I thought to myself No more abusive cousins (yes, my older cousin also physically and verbally abused me) , no more abusive boyfriends, no more parents telling me I'm not good enough, no more bullying, and most importantly no more feeling trapped. I thought everything was fine with the breeze feeling good blowing through my hair and the warm rays from the setting sun hitting my bare arms, I though this was finally it. But I hardly knew; this is far from the end..

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