Same Mistakes

Maddie is just that girl you always see, but never talk to. She's a nobody. Nobody knows what she does at night. Nobody knows she's in an abusive relationship. No one knows One Direction is the only thing keeping her alive. She's been called "weird" for being a directioner. She thinks tonight's going to be the night, but will meeting her idol change her mind? Will he find out he's one of the only five people keeping her alive?


5. A/N

hey guys, I can't get on for about a week, but I do have the chapter ready but I can't publish it yet because I still have to copy and paste it because I wrote it in my notes and then I have to correct it, but I promise as soon as I can I will publish it and I can't get on for a while because I'm going on a school trip so I won't have wifi but thank you guys so much for reading this and for waiting for the chapters but like I said I promise to have update SO much more after this week just please be patient!(: thanks!(:

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