without Courage

I think this poem is something I have personally struggled with. Trust. Some people use it so easily, to the point where they don't even know the meaning behind it. I hope throughout this piece of writing you are able to enjoy thee unique structure and capture the inner thoughts I feel it has to offer.


1. without courage


Take a step

No fear

Life will move on


Fear is normal


Trust can break

Just like the path we walk on.



True to it’s nature

Rocky at first

Understanding isn’t easy

Scared and surprised

Take the good and the bad


 So find the light…

Find the safe house

Find the place 

Find your hope



Guard your


Guard your heart


Trust is key

Trust is fragile

Trust is tough the first time. 


But without it.

without Courage

courage to Fight

fight for Life

life will Move

moving is Normal

normal can Break

break the Path

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