“Paparazzi are ruthless and cruel, and will stop at nothing for that perfect photograph.”

The statement above is what most people believe. A lot of the time, it’s true, sure, but in the case of single, nineteen-year-old Claire Hawkins it’s anything besides that. Most of the time, Claire asks permission before shooting photos, then if the celebrities like her approach, they’ll talk to her and she’ll be able to get loads of photos that most paps wouldn’t be able to get.

Being nice has it’s perks.

Sometimes, when you’re nice, people play pranks on you. Weird, cruel, terrible, and heartbreaking pranks that make you nearly suffocate the man you’ve been in love with since high school—and got made fun of for it.

I would advise you to not read unless you’re over thirteen, but I guess I can’t really stop that. Reasons: mild (and suggestive) language, sexual situations, brief nudity, drug/alcohol use, and violence.

Originally made by madstyles on missliterati


1. *Prologue*

Photographs;they mean so much to some people, nothing to others. To some, they're so scared that they don't ever get shown to anyone. Just kept as a secret by the beholder to cherish. They could get hidden places, never to be found by anyone other than who they were made for.


But, in sad cases, they're ripped, burned, an dsometimes just carlessly thrown away. They're just pieces of paper with meaningless images on the front.


Sometimes there is photos that are taken that shouldn't be shown to anyone, let alone to be printed for the world to see. They're personal, embarassing,and should be left alone. Maybe even deleted or forgotten.


Did you know that the subject of the photo you laugh at whenever you think or see that the person may be wishing they never would've done that? or maybe not. Maybe their okay with being humiliated.


But the people taken in the photographs by  Claire Hawkings are definetly wishing they never got out.


Paparazzi are ruthless and cruel, and they would do anything to have their grabby hands one that one photograph


Maybe..just maybe Claire won't be ruthless when she takes that one picture of a certain band.

One Direction.


*Yay! It's posted and out. I know this prologe is pretty boring, but trust me. The chapters are much longer. Yes, of course this is a fanfiction, but i don't believe that One Direction would be doing this stuff. Ever. Iwon't go into that much detail into the sexual scenes, because you know its sex, no one wants to go into that much detail. Only if you want me to. So yeah! aha. I'll hopefully write another chpater maybe Friday. Kisses!*

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