“Paparazzi are ruthless and cruel, and will stop at nothing for that perfect photograph.”

The statement above is what most people believe. A lot of the time, it’s true, sure, but in the case of single, nineteen-year-old Claire Hawkins it’s anything besides that. Most of the time, Claire asks permission before shooting photos, then if the celebrities like her approach, they’ll talk to her and she’ll be able to get loads of photos that most paps wouldn’t be able to get.

Being nice has it’s perks.

Sometimes, when you’re nice, people play pranks on you. Weird, cruel, terrible, and heartbreaking pranks that make you nearly suffocate the man you’ve been in love with since high school—and got made fun of for it.

I would advise you to not read unless you’re over thirteen, but I guess I can’t really stop that. Reasons: mild (and suggestive) language, sexual situations, brief nudity, drug/alcohol use, and violence.

Originally made by madstyles on missliterati


2. Chapter 1: Where's Harry?

"Do you know when they're supposed to arrive mom?"

My feet were covered in a familiar, used and abused black fabric that found their way to the dashboard of the car, covering where the airbag was placed on the passenger side. Dangerous, it was, or so mom said. Insisitng that my arms would fall off and my legs were to rip apart, she always told me to move them back down. But since Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis of One Direction were going to be a few feet in front of us , mom didn't complain. She just sat there, searching, or stalking.

"No." She put her hand on her heart, like she was heartbroken. "But they better come soon because my body is ready."

"MOM!" I screamed. I set my camera on my lap and coveed my face with my pale hands. If One Direction ever knew that my mom thought that way of them..Lord, save me now.

"What?" She laughed, and flipped her blond hair over her shoulder. " Those boys could do anything they want with my body."

"Mom, seriously, stop it."


I sank dwon even more in my seat until i could no longer see the dash. Then it hit me: Why would One Direction come to the front of the hotel, with all the screaming fans and paps? We just wasted a good 15 minutes waiting for them to come,  even though they weren't. I huffed and turned the key, turning on the ignition.

'Honey, what are you d-"

"One Direction is in the back, mom."


She crossed her amrs and rolled her eyes. "They can't get away from me that fast."





Screaming. That's all i could hear. The high-pitched screams ringing in my ear. But i didn't focused on what i was hearing. I was focused on what i was seeing. I didn't see them at first, but then i did. They cameout of a black limo, walking out like they owned the world. Well...they kinda did. Winning 2 Brits, VMA'S, opening the Olympics. i realized i was just standing there, getting pushed by all these paps.

"Hey! Excuse me...sorry..'scuse me.." I mumbled as i moved upward.


Their they were.


I smiled, but it soon faded as i saw 4 boys. Only 4.


Without thought, i ran to them. Thinking, that i would fall in love with one of them, starting a relationship, live a life that fans dream about.


Okay, now i'm acting crazy.


"Liam!" I called breathlessly. The only time i've ran any faster than this, was when i went to get Up All Night and Take Me Home, their currently sold albums. "Please, Liam! It's important!"


The boy's heads snapped over to me. Niall looked scared, like he didn't want to be around this crows. Zayn's expression read oh dammit not another one;  Louis looked...himself. Like he would do anything for anyone. But he just stood there with his hands in his pockets. Liam was the same, but only sad and dissapointed.


"Hey!" I called. "Please talk to me!"

"We can't!" Zayn called back.

I stopped in  my tracks. Why couldn't they? I just wasted my time..again talking to One Ditrection.


"Why not?!"

"Your a pap! We don't talk to paps anymore." Liam simply said.

"But i'm not." I said. Then i looked down at my proffesional camera, the one where i took pistures of celebrities and sold them. "Okay, maybe i am, but i'm not gonna take pictures of you i swear!"

They all exchanged glances. Finally, Liam pulled me to the side. "Okay fine, we trust you. What's the question..." He trailed off, because he didn't know my name.

"Claire Hawkings."

"Okay, what's the question Claire?"

I gave them a quicky smile and looked at all of them. "Where's Harry?"

Louis stared at the ground, fumbling with his buttons on his blazer. Zayn rolled his eyes like i did smething to annoy him.


"Harry's dead."








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