Last Wish

May has been fighting cancer since she was 13 years old now she is 19. The cancer keeps coming back every year. One day May is told that she has a week to live, and can have one wish before she dies. One wish may change May's life and give her a reason to keep fighting.


4. what just happened?

Dr. Smith's P.O.V 

May!!! May!! i say jiggling the unconcious girl. i run into the hall and get help. she looks as though she cried herself unconcious. her puffy red eyes look almost dead bt she is alive.we quickly get a breathing mask on her and hook her up to a heart rate monitor. her heart rte is fine but she is not waking up. everyone leaves the room. maybe she will die earlier than we expected.


Sally's P.O.V

i got a phone call from the hospital that May was unconcious and may be in a coma. i rush to the hospital and run to the receptionist screaming where is my daughter?!?!?!? the receptionist looks a bit scared but then May's doctor comes out and sees me. she motions for me to follow her to May's room. i do feel quite ashamed of myself that i dont know what room my daughter is. we never visite her. i see may lying in the bed unconcious and i begin to cry. i have missed 7 years of my daughters life cause i never visited her in the hospital. i barly fell like i know her, infact i dont even know her favorite color. as i hold her hand her eyes flutter open. "Mom?" she says i weep with joy and reply "Oh May your awake!" 


no one's P.O.V

she looked at he mom in discust and riped her hand out of her mothers. "GO AWAY I HATE YOU!!!" she yells at her mother. the mother does not looked to surprised that she pushed her away after all she had missed 7 years of her daughters life

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