Last Wish

May has been fighting cancer since she was 13 years old now she is 19. The cancer keeps coming back every year. One day May is told that she has a week to live, and can have one wish before she dies. One wish may change May's life and give her a reason to keep fighting.


2. The truth

May's P.O.V 

the doctor came in "hello May!" she said in a fake cheary voice. hi. i responded. "im here to tell you something that you might not want to hear." "you are going to die soon May and for you last time we want you to have one last wish before you might die." "WHAT!!!!" i practically scream. thats when i broke down and the doctor left.



******* ONE HOUR LATER**********


Dr. Smith stuck her head in the door. hey you all better now? she asked. Ya it just came as quite a shock to me. I know sweetie but i will give you another hour or so to think about your last wish ok. she said ok she left. i broke down once more but this time i couldent stop i felt my throte close up and thats when everything went black.

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