Last Wish

May has been fighting cancer since she was 13 years old now she is 19. The cancer keeps coming back every year. One day May is told that she has a week to live, and can have one wish before she dies. One wish may change May's life and give her a reason to keep fighting.


1. Life as I know it

May's P.O.V

As i lie on the hospital bed trying to fall asleep i look around my room. Its all white like a sheet of paper except for a bulletin board with pictures of my friends meeting One Direction. I was 18 and they thought that i was finally through with cancer so i had gotten tickets to a One Direction concert but then the day before i went for the weekly check-up, and they found it again. i am in and outa here about every year. people think that they need to sympathize for me but i don't want their sympathy, id rather die.


 Doctor Smith's P.O.V 

i am lucy smith and i am May's doctor. May is slowly dying but it is hard to tell from the outside. we are concerned for May because she might not wake up tomorrow. if may wants to beat cancer she has to fight through this but she has given up the hope for being a normal child again. May needs a merical to get her through her slowly nearing death. 

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