Dancing in the dark

Adelai (noun) (ad-del-lay)

teenage girl who lives to dance & party


1. Lets go!

||adelais POV||

"addy lets go!" "I'm coming Emma calm yo tits!"I yelled "just one more curl" I whispered to myself. I set down the curling iron and ran my fingers through my thick brown hair. I ran my hands down my waist. I was wearing a black skin right dress that barely cut off at my ass & black heels. I applied one more coat of cherry red lip gloss and hurried down the stairs. "Well you took long enough adelai!" Emma said anxiously. "Sorry em I had to finish with my hair." " ok fine but let's go before all the cute guys are taken." We both got into my black mustang and speed off to the club. I hopped out of my car and felt the warm air on my skin. My phone read 9:00 pm. Time to get my party on. As soon as we walked in I saw girls staring at me with aw&jealousy. Emma hurried off to find some one to mingle with. The music was blaring I sat down at the bar and got a martini. A brown haired guy sat down two seats away from me he had a mess of curls. I looked back down at my martini. I looked back up he was watching me. But why I don't know him what was so interesting about me? When he saw I noticed him he looked away.wheres Emma? I looked over my sholder. She was talking to two guys we just got here and I swear she looks drunk. Great a drunk Emma! When Emma's drunk she makes stupid decisions. I prefer to stay sober since I'm her ride home. I looked back at my drink. I looked back at the strange guy now he was right next to me. I finally got a good look at him. "So what's your name love?" He said with a smile. "Adelai. And you are?" "I'm Harry!" My face went blank where do I know him from? He looks very fimilar. Harry hmm Harry. Then it hit me Harry styles! He's from that boy band on direction! But what is he doing in a club like this? "Nice to meet you Harry." I said then sipped some if my drink. We started to talk after awhile my phone buzzed. It was 12:00 am. "Sorry I got to go" "wait before you go can i have your number?" "Sure" we traded phones and enterd each others number. (Unfinished)

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