Am I Alone?

Why can't any one see the pain? I get hate everyday yet no one sees. I shouldn't cry my self to sleep every night while everyone is enjoying life. Would fans hate me even more if I left the band? They should be happy right? No one understands I just want to know, am I alone?


1. I'm Can't Take It Anymore

Niall's POV:

Why does everyone hate me? What have I done? Why am I the "easy" target, why not someone else? All I get is hate, can't people give me a break? 


Pathetic !
You shouldn't be in the band! 
Go kill yourself! 


This is all I read on twitter! I'm sick of it! I threw my phone across the room, hearing it shatter against the wall. I fell to the floor crying. No one would hear me,they never do anyways. "Niall, are you in here?" It was Liam. I guess he heard me, but I didn't bother to reply. 



"Niall! Open up!" He started banging on the door. It didn't bother me though, he can do it all night if he wants. "Niall I'm going to come in whether you like it or not!" And if on cue Liam came barging through the door. 

"Niall,what's wrong!?" He knows what's wrong so I don't bother speaking. " Niall you have to talk to me." "There's nothing to talk about." I mumbled into my hands. " Yes there is! You can't keep doing this!" "It's not like you would understand! I don't TELL people to hate me! I don't CHOOSE people to treat me like this! You just don't understand!" "I know Niall, but they don't know you! So it shouldn't matter!" "Just leave Liam." And he did so.



Out of the rest of the band you am would understand but he doesn't. I feel like I'm alone in this world. I'm the one who gets hated on, I'm the one that gets left out, and somehow everyone thinks that I'M the one that needs help. If they got treated like I did then they'd understand.



They treat me different. I'm the odd one out, yet I'm the one who writes most of OUR songs. I'm not appreciated. I feel like I'm going to burst any moment! I can't take it anymore! I just can't! 


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