that's my sister!!!

hunter horan has always had a normal life but when hunter's in a car crash her brother Niall brings her to her new home. will hunter ever be the same?


2. what?!

Niall POV: Me and the lads were going to the studio, when my phone rang "hello?" I asked. "hello. Is this Niall Horan?" a lady asked. "this is. May I ask who this this?" I asked. Louis shot me a questioning look. " My name is Mary. I work at the hospital in Ireland and I wanted to inform you that your sister, Mother, and Father were in a car crash and may not survive." she said. " I'll be there as soon as I can." I replied while hanging up. I looked up to see all the lads were looking at me. "Who was that?" Harry asked. "the hospital. Hunter, Mum, and Dad were in a car crash and they don't think they will survive." tears coming to my eyes. "Don't cry Niall will get you on the first plane out there." Zayn said. Harry's POV: We took Niall to the airport to catch the first plane to Ireland. we walked him to the gate but, that was as far as we could go. " bye Niall. See  you soon!" He smiled then went to board the plane.   


author's note: hey guys this is my first fanfic so don't laugh. at it comment if you want to be a co-author!

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