that's my sister!!!

hunter horan has always had a normal life but when hunter's in a car crash her brother Niall brings her to her new home. will hunter ever be the same?


4. new home, new life

Hunter's POV: I got out of the hospital that day with a broken arm. We road down the road in a taxi in silence. "So Hunter, you will live with me and the boys now." Niall said. I didn't say anything. Niall sighed. "Look Hunter I know you're not happy with coming to live with us but there's no one else you can stay with." I sighed. "No Niall I'm not happy about coming," I paused. "I'm super excited!" He grinned. I was lying I really didn't want to go. I had friends and- "hey Hunter where here." Niall said pulling me frommy thoughts. "What? Oh, ok I'm coming." I said. Then we went in to get my stuff for my new home and new life.


author's note: hello my little turtles (that's what I'm going to call you guys alright?") I've ran out of ideas so comment some ideas. Thanks! -chloe :)




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