Dear Ava

Alice is a complicated eighth grader. She hasn't ever had a good grasp on her life. She has always had trouble understanding the little things that come easy to others. Luckily, after years of being friendless she meeet some people who have changed her life. Before them it was only Ava. But Ava disappeared at the beginning of sixth grade. Alice is having trouble forgetting her even though she has other friends. This book follows Alice's life in eigth grade at its ups and lows. Read as she discovers new things about herself, prepares herself for the future, and tries to uncover after these years what happened to Ava.


3. September 7th

Dear Ava,

It's now the weekend again. I haven't talked to Aaron still. It might be some time. This made me realize how close we actually were and how i miss him. Even if we started to talk again I'm not sure if it will be normal. It would jut be kind of awkward. Josh has been kinda avoiding me too I guess. Carter doesn't care and has been hanging out with us both. Now she has a crazy idea that we were meant to be together. So now I'm almost at the point where I'm avoiding her too. Ugh so everything is just complicated.

Yesterday we went to a family party for my grandparents anniversary. You might think it will be boring, but I love spending time with my family. They're all very funny and friends. We arrived right after noon. Most of my family was there: my parents, Roger, Violet, my grandparents, my two uncles, my aunt, my two cousins, and me. Just my dads family. Most of my moms family is dead besides her cousins that we don't talk to. Her dad died when she was young, her mom died of cancer about ten years ago, and her sister who was married died at a young age from being hit by a car. My dads family is very good with welcoming her in. My cousin Ann and I hung out the whole time because our ages are the closest. We played soccer outside for a bit alone then my brother came out and started playing too rough so we left. Then all the kids excluding Roger went in the basement and played Clue. Violet didn't though because shes way too young. I love that game it has always been very easy to me. We played three games in which I won two, but my cousin Trent got the right cards in one so he was victorious.

Around five we had an enormous feast in the dining room. There were extra chairs filled in everywhere so everyone had a place to sit. Before dinner my Uncle Luke made a toast to my grandparents for being together for 45 years. We all cheered and tears streamed down my grandparents because it was so touching. Then we dug into the delicious food. The varieties seemed to go on forever. After dining, we had this big discussion over the things going on in each others' lives.  Some obviously didn't pitch in, like me, because the conversation lasted about 30 min. We finished the night by playing Just Dance 4. Our stomachs ached in pain since we were laughing so much. Our family doesn't have talent for dancing much.  That was just the night I needed. It started to become late so we said our farewells to one another. Right when I got home I crashed into bed.

Today I went to church at 8:30 AM. I like going to church because it gives me quiet time to think. I mean I listen a little bit, but to me it just basically repeats every year so why bother. Half way through my little sister started bawling her eyes out for no reason so we had to leave early. 

When I got home I ate lunch then started my homework. The homework made no sense to me so I got an easy topic. I started thinking a lot about you. I was thinking about our memories. Like the time we broke the swings at the park then the police came by my house asking for us. Or the time we thought we could camp outside at the park like Native Americans then it rained and we both   caught the flu. 

But the most confusing parts are some of our best memories are fading by the day. I am remembering less and less. After that I searched everywhere through my house but I couldn't find a single picture of you and me. I guess that's logically correct cause i expect my parents might have thrown them all out. But it keeps getting stranger and stranger to know your slipping away from me. I just stared out into space a couple of minutes ago and began to breath heavily. My mom heard from downstairs and run upstairs and calmed me down. At least we were the only ones in my house because my other family members probably won't understand. I have to go now. My mom is calling me and my hand is stinging. I will reply soon.

Love Forever and Always, 

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