Dear Ava

Alice is a complicated eighth grader. She hasn't ever had a good grasp on her life. She has always had trouble understanding the little things that come easy to others. Luckily, after years of being friendless she meeet some people who have changed her life. Before them it was only Ava. But Ava disappeared at the beginning of sixth grade. Alice is having trouble forgetting her even though she has other friends. This book follows Alice's life in eigth grade at its ups and lows. Read as she discovers new things about herself, prepares herself for the future, and tries to uncover after these years what happened to Ava.


4. September 14th

Dear Ava, 

Another week has passed. First of all, there was this  stranger at my door. When my mom called me downstairs on Sunday,  standing outside was the person I was not expecting to see. I slowly opened the door and the squeak caused him to jump in fright. Then he relaxed when he saw it was me and questioned, 
"Wanna take a walk?"  

I have him a small smile to go along with my yes.

We walked along the trail in the forest for about 10 minutes without saying a word. This place was beautiful, especially during the Fall. The colossal trees were just beginning to loose their brightly colored leaves. A smile tugged onto my face because of the calm weather and the beautiful colors. It took me awhile to realize where I was. Aaron finally spoke up, "Alice, I would give you anything to know what's going on right now in your little head." 

I giggled at his comment and replied,
"I bet you can't guess what's going on."  

He was silent for a moment and was looking around. I could see the lightbulb appear on his head when he began grinning, "It's Fall right now. Can't believe I didn't notice." 

We walked in utter silence again until we reached the creek. He bolted up right ahead of me, just to sit on this log. He patted down the seat next to, just for me. I skipped over and plopped myself down right next to him. 

"I have something to confess Alice," he began, "Things can't act this way anymore. The kiss, it  isn't worth throwing our friendship out the window. Even if it was an accident. You're too special to me and I couldn't imagine loosing you. I was a jerk avoiding you, something you don't deserve. I'm also sorry about not speaking a word to you at gym. God, I can be so stupid sometimes."  

I can't help but laugh, 
"Yah you are pretty stupid." He smiled at the ground for a second then, began looking at me with his soft eyes. 

"Would you please forgive me?" 
I whispered,

"Only if you gave me a hug we would be fine."

"Hahaha fine I shall." He spoke as he enclosed his arms around me. The warmth and comfort left us in a trance, the hug lasted for quite awhile. It took awhile before we finally departed. We then headed back to my house, and no surprise, in silence. This moment left a huge smile on my face cause I knew I had my best friend back. The hug made things confusing though, like what did it mean. Before he left me at my house he told me,

"Meet Josh, Carter, and I outside here at 10 PM."

 My hands began trembling,
"I'm not sure, cause what if we get caught. You know how much trouble I would be in?"

"Just think about it" he exclaimed as he walked away.

It was about 9:45 when I wished my parents a good night as I headed up into my room. I then changed into a pullover sweatshirt which, is dark blue. It had my running club's logo on the front and my name on the back. Then I changed into gray leggings and white gym shoes. I pulled my black wavy hair into a high pony tail and went out  the window. I carefully lifted the window to avoid any creaking noises. I quietly climbed out of the window and on to the lower roof. I slid down the roof, doing a crab walk down. I reached the ledge and plummeted about 10 feet to the ground. This might sound difficult but, when my parents would argue, I would sneak away to my grandmas house. I always took the same path. Two minutes passed by as I stare up into the starry night waiting. They all finally came so, we took the path Aaron and I took during the afternoon out to the creek. We pulled up two logs and each took turns telling scary stories. I didn't have many stories so I just sat back and listened. Aaron kept trying to scare me during each story. He would quickly push my shoulder to make me jump. It made me laugh because I was not scared easily so what he was doing was pointless. Around 1 AM we headed back. Thankfully there were no wild animals that would hunt us down, making us their midnight snack. When we got back to my house we said our goodbyes and I climbed the pillar on my porch. I walked up the ramp of the roof to my window then quickly climbed into my room. My parents were patiently sitting on my bed. All I could think of was oh god.

I got ground for a week which was actually a very light punishment. Each day they gave me a lecture, telling me how instead of making a bad decision and not hanging out with my friends one night, I could be hanging out with them every night. They didn't call their parents though because I begged them not to. I'm not sure why I didn't get a bigger punishment. Now it's the last day. The week hasn't been too hard, except for school. Aaron has actually talked to me though in gym today which, made me happier. So today is Sunday and I'm now sitting alone in my room. I have been texting my friends on and off throughout the day but, right now I'm not texting any of them. 

I'm digging more for memories of you lately. They kept getting slimmer and slimmer. I asked my brother about you yesterday. I wanted to know if he had any pictures of us both. We were sitting criss cross in his bed because before he was telling me all about his soccer games and his girlfriend. He was quiet for awhile then he told me he has no pictures of us together and I shouldn't ask our parents or they will become upset. I frowned and asked him why everyone was being so strange about that. I ask if you died or run away since you disappeared. Roger looked away from me and quietly responded that he doesn't know. I started get to out of control. I'm not sure why other then a week ago I've always been good. I broke down crying and ran to my room. I then started slamming all of the drawers in my dressers. Before I knew it, the darkness was devouring me. When I woke up, I was on my family room couch with my family surrounding me. I frowned and put my hands on my head because it ached badly. 

"What happened?" I question them. It was a lot of explaining for a simple thing. I cant remember much of it, but I feel better now.

This was out of control though because sometimes I can't feel emotions and now too many are coming at once. What is wrong with me? Since I am going crazy thinking about you I might try to forget about you for awhile. It's for the best. So I'm not sure of the next date I will write back. I hope you are still good where ever you are.

Love Forever and Always, 

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