Dear Ava

Alice is a complicated eighth grader. She hasn't ever had a good grasp on her life. She has always had trouble understanding the little things that come easy to others. Luckily, after years of being friendless she meeet some people who have changed her life. Before them it was only Ava. But Ava disappeared at the beginning of sixth grade. Alice is having trouble forgetting her even though she has other friends. This book follows Alice's life in eigth grade at its ups and lows. Read as she discovers new things about herself, prepares herself for the future, and tries to uncover after these years what happened to Ava.


1. August 25th

Dear Ava,

It's been two years. Two whole years since you left. They have been pretty rough at times, but getting better. My parents are doing well, although you probably don't care considering they're one of the reasons you left. I'm starting eighth grade tomorrow. It's exciting, I guess. If your into that sort of fresh start thing.

I actually have a couple of friends since you left, strange right? First off there's Carter, she is probably my closest friend here. We enjoy the same type of music and we both love running. She had long black hair that is wavy. She also had long black eyelashes and light freckles. She's very pretty. Next there's Josh. He's very smart and can always make me laugh. He has light brown hair and is very tall. He is bone skinny. Lastly there's Aaron. We probably have the most in common and we always finish each others sentences. He is medium height and pretty fit. I met them all last year. When seventh grade started I had no one like I had no one in sixth grade. That was a lonely year for me. Then in seventh grade November I was partnered with Carter for a class project. We became friends after a many disputes and she introduced me to her other friends. Aaron and Carter are pretty popular. Josh and I  on the other hand... Ehh. Well this summer was probably the best ever because of them. Every day we would walk to each others houses or the park. I really enjoy being with others. In sixth grade I thought I was meant to be alone. Boy, was I wrong.

I have been running a lot lately. It takes my mind of things. It turns out I'm pretty fast. Even though I have great friends it doesn't stop the constant bullying I get when I'm at school. I can take it though. I'm almost immune to what they say thanks to you.

My parents have stopped the constant fighting. It got really bad in sixth grade. Sometimes I would run to my grandmas house to get away from it all. She has moved to a house about 3 blocks away. Now their always happy. They never really told me what changed. Can't blame me for being curious.

I have been doing about average in school. I'm more book smart then street smart, but even my book smart isn't above average. I think I'm doing better with extra tutoring hours I've been doing one a week over the summer. I guess their not really tutoring just refreshers so I don't forget what I have learned over the summer. I understand why you need an education, the work just doesn't come natural to me. I always try and do things the opposite of what you're suppose do.

I also haven't gone to therapy since the beginning of seventh. Since I was lonely all the time and hung up on here you were, my parents decided it was for the best at the beginning of sixth. I don't understand why I just missed you, it wasn't like I had mental issues or an extremely complicated life. But ever since I got some friends they haven't made me go. My parents still get mad when ever I mention you. I guess they might have thought you were a bad influence. You kinda were, but that doesn't stop me from missing your comfort, jokes, laugh, smile, and well everything about you. I still don't understand why you left. I know my parents forbade me from seeing you, but you didn't even call or visit.

My older brother Roger is about the same. He is going into his senior year this year. He still loves soccer. He is on the school team. Roger isn't the star, but you can tell he doesn't care. That's why I'm so proud of him.  I also now have a little sister. Her name is Violet and shes 1 and a half.

So there it is. this is my life now. Today is the anniversary. Two years since you vanished. It's haunts me to wonder why. I hope you are okay whenever you are and I hope you enjoyed this letter if you ever get the chance to read it. That is, if you come home. I will try to keep you updated on my life even if you can't read these. I will try and write from now on in a sort of journal way.  It will give me hope that things are never as bad as they seem if I keep writing.

Love forever and always, 

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