Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


10. Spin the bottle (pt2)

Meaghan's POV

"Ok, Meaghan, truth or dare?" Hannah said with an evil smile, but I know she isn't usually that evil. Devious? Absolutely, but evil, not usually. Hmmm, I'm feeling adventurous, "Dare!" "Wrong answer" she replied mocking Louis from those One Direction videos."I dare you to let Claire text any person on your contact list anything she wants as long as I approve of it"

Oh crap, Claire doesn't seem to like me, I just hope she doesn't pick Isaac, we aren't going too strong right now. It's like were on a rope bridge and the ropes are slowly breaking. I regretfully handed my phone to Claire. Well even if she doesn't like me, she won't know about Isaac, right? "Ok, no, no, no, no, maybe... Isaac, no clue who he is but I'm gonna pick him" Oh crap, please don't tick him off! "Here you be!" she said handing me my phone back. Oh my God, he's gonna kill me! She wrote- 

Why would you do that to me Isaac? What did I ever do to you?

I have no clue where she got that from but it will work with ticking him off for sure. Within seconds he responded

Im sorry, i had no idea you knew about her, Meaghan, please forgive me 

Wow, classy, he was cheating on me. Well, thank you Claire, you ended that big, fat lie for me!

Well can you at least tell me her name?

I had the right to know her name, at least that is...

I guess so... He name is Caroline, and I love her so much

That broke my heart. But it's better than living a lie.

So I guess you know were done now, right?

We are done now, don't let anything confuse you. He broke my heart, so I will not let that continue.

Please Meaghan, give me another chance!

No way, I will not let him tear me apart again!

No, were done

Fine, but dont expect this to be the last of me

I screamed out in frustration and tossed my phone into the middle of the room, hitting Hannah. She looked at the text messages and sent a death glare to Claire, then looked at me sympathetically. She got up and gave me a bear hug. 

"Well I guess that's the end of truth or dare, lets watch a movie! Meaghan, you pick," she said. Wow, what movie? Duh, Pitch Perfect! "Why would you even ask? Duh, Pitch Perfect!" 

About half way through the movie, we all fell asleep. The next morning, we woke up around 9am, accept for Corrine, who woke up at 10. Man that girl is a heavy sleeper, we said goodbye and left, I hope to do this again soon!

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