Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


9. Spin the bottle (pt1)

Corrine's POV

I just got to the station, and picked up the tickets, FRIGGIN FRONT ROW BABY!!! GOD MEAGHAN AND HANNAH ARE GONNA FREAK!!! When I pulled into the driveway, they were setting up for spin the bottle, might as well tell them now...

"Hey guys? Guess what?"

"What?" they all said in unison

"Well the 'tickets' were an understatement, theyre front row!"

Hannah and Meaghan screamed so loud Mya went running out of the house and laying down in the front lawn, covering her ears, rocking back and forth on her butt. That's when the laughter came, we were a group of weird ones.

When we finally got Mya to come back in, and my 'come back in' I mean Hannah had to carry her from the lawn to the basement, we started truth or dare/spin the bottle. As usual, the youngest went first, the order being Mya, Claire, Hannah, Corrine, then finally Meaghan. Mya spun the bottle- "Ok, Hannah, truth or dare" "DARE!" "Ok, I've got a good one! I dare you pick two people on your contact list and ask them for a color, whatever you are wearing with that color on it you have to take off!" "Mya- making games weird since 2001, fine" she said. "Ok I will call... Kaitlyn!" "Hello Kaitlyn, this is Hannah! I've got a question, can you name one color please?" "Mannnnnnnn, hey listen, thanks, I hope to see you soon! m'kay, bye!" "There went my shirt" Hannah mumbled as she took her blue polka-dot shirt off and picked a second person. "Brant, will be the second choice! Hey Brant, sorry to bug you but the girls and I were playing a game and wanted to ask you for a color, dang! ok thanks man, later!" "you guys suck, just wanted to let you know" she said as she took off her green cami. She spun the bottle and it landed on Meaghan...

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