Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


7. Radio

 Myas POV.

"Did someone order a Large cheese pizza and one large meat lovers pizza?"

"Yes we did, How much is it?" Hannah asked. "It is 18.32$" The pizza guy said. "THANK YOU PATRICK!!" I said while i gave him the money, Corrine grabbed the pizzas and ran into the basement. Patrick left and me and Hannah went downstairs to the basement where we find Corrine sitting on the ground eating 2 slices of pizza at the same time, "Do you have any applesauce Hannah?" Corrine asked when she saw us, Hannah ran upstairs and came back with a jar of applesauce. Hannah gave it to Corrine who opened it and poured it in a bowl, dipped her pizza in, and and ate it. "THANK YOU!" Corrine said while still chewing, KNOCK.KNOCK. "I GOT IT!!" I yelled as I ran upstairs. I opened the door (but not the glass door) and saw Claire, "Who is it?" I asked her, "Its Claire you dingbat!" she said while opening the glass door, she gave me a tight hug and ran downstairs "CLLAAIRREE!!" I heard Corrine yell, haha they are such weirdos!!

Meaghan's POV.

 I woke up from my nap and looked at the time, it was 7!! I got up, grabbed my keys and ran outside to my car, My hair probably looks like a mess I thought while getting in the car, I checked my hair on the side view mirror and started driving, it looked fine, my fish tale braid just looked a little messy, but I like it better that way anyway. I texted Corrine. 



ME~ ok!!! :))

I ran up to the door and Corrine opened the door with a couple slices of pizza in her hand. "VAS HAPPENIN!?" she said handing me a slice of Meat lovers Pizza. "Thanks nerd" I replied and she ran downstairs to the basement I of course followed her. She made me stay at the door before we went in the basement, she walked in and shouted "PRESENTING THE QUEEN OF NERDS, MEAGHHAAAANNN!!!!" I then walked in like a model and started posing, then they all laughed. "HELLO!!" They shouted, I think I am going to be great friends with them!!

Claire's POV.

"PRESENTING THE QUEEN OF NERDS, MEAGGHHHHAAANNNN!!" Corrine shouted, a girl was standing at the door posing like a model, the girls and I laughed, we all shouted "HELLO!!" Except Hannah she shouted "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN NERD!!" Meaghan then laughed and said "EXCUSSSEE ME?" And walked over to hannah and hugged her, I stood up and said "Hello, my name is Claire, I am guessing that your name is Meaghan? Is that correct?" "Why yes, yes it is Claire, my name is Meaghan!!" She said smiling like this :D , "Mya is the name don't wear it out! Sooo How do you know Hannah and Corrine, Meaghan?" Mya said while chewing a pizza, which Corrine was doing to but she was watching the movie I brought. "Corrine, Hannah, and I went to Art camp together last summer and became friends then! and nice to meet you Mya!!" Meaghan said, and guess what she is still smiling!! How much can one person smile?!? I knew right then I would not like Meaghan.

Meaghan's POV.

Claire was just sitting on the couch giving me a death stare which made me think "hey Claire dosn't like me" hmmm, I wonder why? All I have done was talking and smiling! She is making me uncomfortable when finally Corrine's phone was beeping and she yelled "TURN ON THE FUDGING RADIO!!" Hannah got up and turned it on, One Direction was singing LWWY and Corrine told everyone to get their phones out and type a number that Corrine gave us, we did as she said, and waited. Then the announcer guy said "Call in now to get 5 tickets to a 1D concert in New York City!!" Corrine yelled "CALL NOW!!" So we all pressed the call button and waited when the announcer guy (I am going to call him Mike because I have NO idea what his name is) said "Hello caller 15, what is your name?" Then we heard Corrine say "My name is Corrine" Mike replied "Well, Corrine, We are going to give you 5 1D concert tickets IF you answer this question right about the boys, Who in 1D had 1 minute and 25 seconds of solos in the Up All Night album?" Right when Corrine heard the question, she instantly said "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!" She was smiling like crazy when Mike said "CORRECT!! Who are you going to take with you to the concert?" "My best friends Hannah, Meaghan, Mya, and Claire!! Two of them aren't much fans but they would love to go, they are actually with me right now!! SAY HELLO HANNAH!!" Hannah walked up and said "HELLO!" "SAY HELLO MYA!!" "HELLO!" "SAY HELLO MEAGHAN!" "HEYY!!" "SAY HELLO CLAIRE" "Hi!" then Corrine said "Ok that was who I am taking to the concert!" "FANTASTIC!" Mike answered then he said bye and hung up. Of course we started SPAZZING OUT!!! I can't wait to go to a concert with my Best friends, my new friend, and my new .... enemy?


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