Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


5. Mya

Myas POV.

WAZZUP MY HOMEIES!?!? My name is Mya, I have medium length brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a very cray cray girl, Im 17 years old and i guess i might like 1D, Niall seems to be my favorite but idk.

Me and My Friends are going to have a SLUMBA PARTAY tonight!!!! I grab my pillow and my pillow fight pillow, my sleeping bag (it has pandas on it). I grabbed some chips, cookies in a bag, cupcake mix, some provolone, two slices of bread, and my shredded ham meat and stuffed it in the cooler with some Mountain Dew, Fanta, and Root Beer. I got dressed in a blue shirt with a monster on it (it is a very cute monster) some light ripped jeans, my light blue toms, and a bracelet that says "Mrs. Horan" . I put on my Pink panda Footies, grabbed my I-pod and I-pod radio and headed out the door, Hannah says she has a surprise guest coming.... probably her grandmother.

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