Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


6. Let the Slumber begin!!

Hannah's POV.

In 30 minutes the slumber party is going to start, I put some popcorn in a pot and started popping them. I heard a knock at the door and went to go get it, it is Corrine, of course it is who else would be 30 minutes early to a party?? I opened the door and Corrine shouted "HANNAH!!!!!" And hugged me tight, i could barely breathe. "Sooo what do you have planned tonight? Are we going to watch movies?? Is anyone else here yet?? "

" no, no one else is here besides you, we are going to play some bored games, and Claire is bringing over some movies."

"YAY!! Claire always picks cute little cartoon animal movies!! I love those they are so funny!! and at 7:30 we need to listen to the radio and be ready to call."

"umm... why??"

"ITS A SECRET!!!! What clothes are you wearing tommorow?? Didn't we deside on hero clothes?? I picked SUPERMANNN!!! haha I love Superman!! AND I FOUND SUPERMAN SHOES ON EBAY!! THEY ARE FOR REALY BEAST!!!"

"ok, I am wearing batman themed, Mya is wearing hulk theamed, Claire Iron man themed, and Meaghan Captain America theamed" beep.beep.beep. "What is that??" Corrine asked. "I dont kn..... THE POPCORN!!" I ran into the kitchen and thank goodness it wasn't on fire, it was only smoking. Corrine ran up to it and poured the popcorn in a bowl. "You seriously forgot about POPCORN!???" she practically screamed. I rubbed my ears and said sarcastically "No, I just like hearing a loud beeping in my ear." "That is what alarm clocks are for Hannah!!" Corrine replied taking my sarcasm seriously. KNOCK.KNOCK.KNOCKKNOCK.KNOCK. "MYA!!" Corrine screamed "Why do you think it is mya??" "Because a normal person would only knock three times, DUHHH!" I opened the door and there stood Mya, with a cooler. "MYAAAA!!!" me and Corrine yelled in unison. "CORRINEEE, HANNAH!!! GROUP HUG!!" and with that she pulled us in a hug."What are we doing tonight???" Mya asked, "We are going to watch movies that claire is bringing, for some reason listen to the radio at 7:30 and play some bored games!!" "SORRY!!" Mya said, "Wait, What did you do??" Hannah asked suspiciously. "The game sorry Hannah!!! DUHH, Your crazy!" Corrine said while Mya was nodding her head in agreement. Then there was a knock at the door, expecting it to be Claire or Meaghan they opened it, but it wasn't either of them.

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