Dream guys

Corrine, Hannah, Meaghan, Claire, and Mya finally meet their dream boys by winning concert tickets from the radio!


11. Concert

*Friday of Concert*

Hannah's POV

It's about 3 hours until the concert. Mya, Claire, Meaghan, and Corrine are over at my house getting ready for the concert. I got out the outifts for them and Corrine is doing our makeup at the moment. We look amazing! Well the makeup does, I've never really thought I was good at fashion, but they all say I am so I did my best. We were there an hour and a half before we decided to go.

We were all ready so we called a taxi to drop us off about a block away from the stadium. Hand-in-hand we walked up to the gates, gave the security dude our tickets and they gave all of us a red ticket, wonder why... We entered the concert and found our seats and just chilled. I pulled out my phone and started playing Subway Surfers, even though, other than our group, the rest of the front row were already fangirling. I've never been one to fangirl so I probably won't even though I'm a huge fan of One Direction. I've always kept my cool, never freaking out at anything, so this should be fun. Finally, the concert started, and it was amazing! They first sung What Makes You Beautiful, and I swear Liam looked at me a couple times, same with Harry and Meaghan, who was sitting right next to me, or what used to be sitting, weird stadium, huh? Well, anyway about half way through they had a contest...

Corrine's POV

It was about half way through the amazing concert when they decided to surprise us with a contest. They had a huge bowl full of slips of paper, which I assume were the numbers of the seats. "Ok guys, we have a treat for one of you and four lucky friends. We're gonna pick a number from this bowl and if one of the people gave you a red ticket with that number on it, you win!" Niall said as Liam picked a number from the bowl. "Number 437, you've won! Number 437!" Liam shouted about all the noise. Nope not me I was 438. Which means that one of us got that ticket!!! I looked around to see three disappointed faces, then over to my other side. Hannah had the biggest smile on her face, which meant that the rest of us were going to meet One Direction with her!

Hannah's POV

"Number 437, you've won! Number 437" Liam shouted. I looked down at my ticket, I had won. I looked up to find the rest of the bunch staring at me with big eyes. "Number 437, please show yourself!" Harry said looking around. Corrine threw my arm up, high in the air, and Mya screamed as loud as she could, and somehow caught their attention. "Ok, 437, follow Paul backstage and he'll explane it all. Oh! Don't forget your four friends!" Louis said, about falling off the stage. Paul came down the path to meet us and took us backstage. He explained to us what we had won, today and tomorrow with One Directon. Just as he got done, five hot, sweaty boys walked backstage.

*hey guys! its hannah here, who has taken over the story! anyway i just thought it might be good to know that in this fanfic, the boys are all single. Thank you SO much for reading guys, it means a ton*

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