One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction imagines. To request one comment with your name, which boy, stuff about yourself, and what you'd like it to be (ex: cute, romantic....ect). I hope you like them please give feed back its very helpful :) thanks- Sara ^-^


6. Teon and Niall

I walked out of the bathroom combing my hair. I walked over to my closet to figure out what to wear. I decided on a mint colored see through top with a white tank under it and a pair of black jeans. I dug around to find my white vans when my phone went off.

Hey babe on my way to come pick you up for our first date hope you are ready :) - Nialler x

Almost ready! Can't wait to see you ^-^ - Teon x

When I finally found my vans I went back into the bathroom to blow dry my hair then do my make up. I was just walking down stairs when someone knocked on the front door. I ran to answer it before my dad could because I knew that would be a bad idea, him being my dad and all. 

I opened the door, "NIALLER!!" I wrapped him in a massive hug.

"Hey Teon! You look beautiful!" He smiled planting a kiss on my lips.

"Mom! Dad! Niall is here! I'm leaving!" I yelled upstairs. They yelled back that I had to be home before 10 since it was only our first date. I grabbed my purse and closed the door behind me. We got into his car and left.

"Sooooo where is this first date going to be?" I said playing with my fingers in my lap.

"You will see. It's a surprise." He smiled and grabbed one of my hands so I would stop fidgeting.\

After a short drive of joking around and me begging him to tell me where we were going, we pulled up to Nandos.


"Yup I remember you telling me that you have never been here so I thought since I love this place it would be a good idea to get you to like it too. " I smiled and got out of the car. He walked over to my side of the car and opened the door for me.

"Thank you kind sir." I gave him a quick peck on the cheek then I walked inside.

We ordered our food and while we waited we played a game of 20 questions to get to know each other better. Before we were able to finish the game our food came. Niall just sat there staring at me.


"I want to see you take your first bite before I start eating." He smiled.

"Fine!" I took my first bite of the food and I was in heaven. The food was soooooo good. "Oh my gosh YUM!!" then I just kept eating it.

"Yay you like it!" He cheered then started to eat his food.

After we finished eating and Niall paid for our food we left. 

"Where to next babe?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when we get there." I am gonna guess this date is all full of surprises.

We soon pulled up to my favorite ice cream shop. "Aw Nialler! My favorite!"

"Well I thought since I had you try my favorite we would go have your favorite too."

We got our ice cream and walked across the street to the park. We sat on the grass and looked up at the stars as we ate our ice cream.

"Wow it's so pretty out!" I said taking the last bite of my ice cream and whipping my face with the napkin.

"Yeah it is and so are you." I glanced down at Niall since he was laying down. He was smiling. Niall sat up and wrapped his arms around my waist. Our eyes never leaving each other he leaned in for a kiss.

Niall dove me home and walked me to the door.

"I had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks Niall. It was a perfect first date." I smiled

He gave me a goodbye kiss and said, "Me too and you're welcome babe. I hope our dates are as perfect as this one." 

He started to walk away as I opened the door and stepped in. I turned back to look at him walk away. He turned and smiled then blow me a kiss. Then I watched him drive off from inside my house.

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