One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction imagines. To request one comment with your name, which boy, stuff about yourself, and what you'd like it to be (ex: cute, romantic....ect). I hope you like them please give feed back its very helpful :) thanks- Sara ^-^



Hey guys I'm soooooo sorry I've been really busy with school since the marking period just closed today, with my school's singing contest, and dance class. Don't worry though my goal tonight is to sit down and write as many imagines as I can tonight if I don't post at least one I give you permission to yell at me for not doing it! Thank you all so much for asking for an imagine and thanks to the people who have read them it means a lot that I'm not just staying awake till ungodly hours writing them for nothing. Thanks babes ^-^ <3 Love you all! Remember you are all beautiful and don't forget to smile. :)

-Sara <3 ^-^

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