One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction imagines. To request one comment with your name, which boy, stuff about yourself, and what you'd like it to be (ex: cute, romantic....ect). I hope you like them please give feed back its very helpful :) thanks- Sara ^-^


5. Ana and Harry

I looked in the mirror and adjusted my costume. Today is Halloween and Harry is taking me to a haunted house and then to the Halloween party Niall was throwing. We decided to dress up so I chose Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Harry hasn't told me what he is going to be, he told me it was a surprise......I think it was more like he didn't know what to be so it was a last minute thing.

I threw myself on to my bed and grabbed my phone from my night stand.

On my way!- Harry x   

Can't wait!!! :) - Ana'

I put my phone back down on my night stand then went into the bathroom to do my make up.

Ten minutes later, I was down stairs on my couch watching tv when there was a knock at my door and my mom answered it.

"Oh my!" My mom came into the living room, "Ana! Harry is here." I ran to the door to see Harry. He was dressed up in a mid evil knight's costume sword and all. 

"Wow Harry you!"

"Why thank you my lady." He held out his hand. I placed my hand in his and he kissed it. "Your ride awaits my lady." He said as he bowed and extending his arm to show me his car parked outside.

I yelled back to my mom to tell her I was leaving then I skipped outside and hopped into Harry's car.

We got to the haunted house. I hopped out of the car and Harry escorted me to the house.

"Um.... Harry I have to warn you I get startled very easily." 

"Don't worry love your knight in shining armor is here to protect you." He smiled.

"Where? I don't see him." Harry frowned. "I'm on;y kidding babe. Come on let's go in."

We walked into house. "Okay now stick close to me and I won't let anything hurt you." He smiled putting his arm around my waist and pulling me in really close.

We walked through the house and I got startled many times by the people jumping out and following us around. Each time I jumped Harry was there to console me. He made me feel really safe.

When we got out of the haunted house and I let out a sigh of relief.

"That wasn't so bad was it?"

"No not really. I was only a little scared. Thank you for being there when I was scared. " I smiled. Harry leaned down and planted a long deep kiss on my lips. Once we pulled apart we hopped into his car to head to Niall's house for the party.

(Sorry it's really short but I didn't have anything to really go on.)

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