One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction imagines. To request one comment with your name, which boy, stuff about yourself, and what you'd like it to be (ex: cute, romantic....ect). I hope you like them please give feed back its very helpful :) thanks- Sara ^-^


2. Adrianna and Louis

"Adrianna! Wake up, we are here!" Louis said.
I opened my eyes to see a pair if sweet blue eyes staring at me. Louis Tomlinson my best friend had the idea for the two of us to go to California. I have never been to California, but Louis and Harry always talk about how amazing it  is. We were on a plane ride from London to California.
"5 more minutes Lou!" I pushed his hands off of me, "Where is the snooze button?" I felt around for his face and I pushed his nose.
"There is no snooze button! Now wake up before I start screaming!" Louis said.
"Fine I'm up I'm up!!" I sat up and looked out the window to watch the landing.
We got off the plane and grabbed our luggage. We rented a car and blasted the radio all the way to hotel. We were both dancing in our seats with the windows down a sun glasses on. If anyone looked over at us they would have thought we were insane, but we didn't care.
When we got to the hotel we ran up to our room and threw our baggage on our beds. Louis slumped down in one of the chairs and I ran to the balcony that looked out to the sea.
"Lou let's go down to the beach I wanna go swimming!" I jumped onto his lap. 
"How about we go surfing instead!!!???" His face lit up when he said that. 
"Yes! I always wanted to try!" I grabbed my bathing suit out of my bag and ran into the bathroom to get changed. When I came out Lou was lounging on the couch in his bathing suit. 
"Let's go!!!" I ran over to him and pulled him to the door.
We got a surfing instructor since I don't know how to surf and Lou is a little rusty.
The instructor showed us how to surf on land. "Look Lou! I'm the best sand surfer in the world!" I jumped up on the board and pretended to surf like the instructor showed us. Louis laughed and then an evil look formed on his face. 
The instructor was talking to us when Louis reached over to me and pushed me off my board. I looked up at Lou and the instructor, they were both laughing I scowled at them and that only made them laugh more.
When we finally were able to get out on the water I kept falling off my board, once I got up I couldn't stay up. Every time I fell I could hear Louis laughing at me. 
When our surfing time was up we hung out on the beach a little longer. 
"Race you to the water!!!" Louis pushed me to the ground then ran to the water and I chased after him. He made it to the water first.
"Victory for Louis!"
Once I made it to the water I dove in to hide from Louis and surprise him. I popped up for air Louis didn't even notice where I was. I watched him still doing his victory dance so I crept up behind him and splashed him then tried to shove his head underwater. Louis is so much stronger than me so instead if me getting his head underwater he grabbed me and threw me into the water a couple feet away. 
"Lou! That's no very nice!" I crossed my arms and pouted.
"Aw Adrianna I'm sorry love. Come on let's go get change and then we can go for a walk on the beach."
We went back out to the hotel room and got changed. We walked back down to the beach for a walk as the sun set.
"Wow it's so pretty!" The sunset was such pretty shades of red, purple, yellow, and orange.
"Yes you are."
I stopped walking and looked a Lou. Did he just say I was pretty? I know I have always liked Louis like that, but I never thought he would like me back like that.
"So Adrianna I have to ask you something." He took my hand and looked me straight in the eyes. "We have been really close friends for a long time, but I know there is something so much more that is there that needs to be said." I could feel the temperature in my face rising. "Adrianna will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?" He leaned in close to my face. "Will you?" His lips met mine and sparks flew. I kissed him back.
When we broke apart, "Yes Lou."
The biggest smile came across his face. He wrapped his arms around me in a massive hug and spun me around. I, Adrianna, went from being Louis Tomlinson best friend to being his girlfriend! I couldn't be happier!
We sat on the beach and watched the sun set the rest of the way in each other's arms.

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