They Don't Know About Us

"They don't know about us. I'm your secret, your my secret. I hate to keep it that way but that is how life is right Liam?" Tears fell from my eyes as I stared at the boy I had fallen in love with dragged his hands across his hair. Bringing my sleeve up I wiped the tears that were racing down my cheeks. Giving a sigh, I turned on my heel. "It's not worth it Li." Just as I was about to walk away I felt him grab my wrist and spin me around. Quickly, but gently he pushed me into the wall. Pressing against me.

"No your worth it, Sky."


1. Hey!

Hey, first I would love to thank you all for actually reading this! I'm going to be releasing the chapter later today so look out! But since you guys are probably wondering what this is about let me explain.


This story is meant for a purpose, I hope you all find the meaning in this story. I really do.  But other wise here is a sneak peek!


     Have you ever felt like you belong six feet under? Or a waste of space? No one likes you? Welcome to my life. I'm the nobody. You know those people, you see them, but don't give two shits about them. Let me tell you it sucks. Getting pushed around by everybody that's the best part! Please note the sarcasm. But if you like to be pushed around then by all means congratulations! Wow, I may sound, hm how do you put it? Oh, a bitch, snobby, rude, asshole, or jerk. I can assure you that I'm none of those words. Though some may say different. Take Jessica Miller for example. She is the queen bee of the school. The head cheerleader, head student, best in bed from what I have heard. She however does not like me. Which I can totally understand I mean, nobody really likes me. No one. Which is why I didn't expect to find the love of my life in the same hospital room that I was in. 



.....So Yeah not the best but I was typing this up real quick! Give me some feedback! REMEMEBER ITS BEING RELEASED TODAY SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT! 


Stay beautiful! <3 

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