Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


6. The news.

~Louis' POV~

So then , I wanted to tell her everything of what I wanted to do with her. I wanted to tell her that I wanted her to be in my future. I wanted her to be with me.. In my life. EVERYTHING. But I was too late. I.. Just.. Couldn't.. Everything seems so difficult & hard nowadays. She was my one & only. 


*FlashBack In 9th grade.*

I was walking down the hallway in Halls Cross High School. The High school I've attended with her. I saw this girl getting bullied. I went over and checked it out. I saw this girl fighting & getting tortured by this girl. Her name was Eleanor. Eleanor was my ex girlfriend. I had to break up with her because the management told us to because for some reason that I can't say. I ran over to her and told Eleanor to stop bullying her and pushing her around. 'Eleanor stop your crap!' I yelled. Eleanor stopped & pushed her on the floor and said  'Jessica , you're lucky that Louis is here.' I was mad. I picked her up from the ground and asked for her name. She said her name was Jessica. I kinda liked that name. 'Hey Jessica , are you okay ?' I picked her up and she got up and said 'Yeah , I'm alright. Thanks though for saving me from that fight.' I noticed that she hard bruises on her arm , and she cuts! I held her arm 'You cut yourself ?' She quickly moved her arm away from me 'You weren't supposed to-' I stopped her and just glancely kissed her on her soft lips. She slowly moved my lips from hers. Did she like it ? Why did she move her lips away slowly ?

*End Of FlashBack.*

Stop Louis , quit it! That was all in 9th grade. You are now in College. I kept repeating myself the same question "Why did she move her lips slowly away from mine ?" Did my breath stink ? Was I a bad kisser ? Was she allowed to kiss a boy ? Of course she's allowed! I know her dad , and her dad truly loves me (As like a son.) I even asked him & he said she was allowed to kiss a boy like me , unless he KNOWS the boy. Well , anyways the past was the past. This is now the future. But to me.. Without Jessica in my life , I have no future. </3 

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