Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


3. The date.

Wow.. The date looked amazing. He took me to a cruise. All of a sudden when he was about to tell me something fans came over & asked him for his autograph. He really looked like he is flirting with them. Tears started streaming down my face & I yelled out to Louis 'I SHOULDVE KNOWN. YOU FLIRT WITH THESE OTHER GIRLS ON OUR DATE.' I started running as fast as I can just far away from Louis. I arrived somewhere where I don't even know it was some kind of abandoned place that garbage was all over , there was tags on the walls. Louis didn't run after me. I knew it. I knew he didn't love me at all. I was stupid. I knew I shouldn't came.. ~Louis' POV~ I had know idea what she was talking about. Those people were my best friends. They wanted my autograph for their little sisters. I knew I should've ran after her , but the boat was about to leave. I tried & tried calling her , but she wouldn't answer. I tried texting her , but she wouldn't reply back. I am stupid. But it wasn't my fault that she ran. It was her mind that told her that. But then again it's still my fault because I should've ran after her & told her. Everything seems so stupid without her...
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